Obama’s First Pitch at the All Star Game (video)

US President Barack Obama had first pitch duties at the Baseball All Star Game in St. Louis this evening (July 14) and although he gave it a decent shot, he’s probably best sticking to his day job.

Obama entered Busch Stadium wearing a Chicago White Sox jacket, and at least some of the fans jeered….before he’d even made the pitch. The pitch itself has been described accurately as “soft” and floated to Cardinals’ first baseman Albert Pujo, who reached in front of the plate to grab the ball. Obama then “pumped his left fist” (you can see Fox News calling this action terrorism related) and hugged Pujols.

Some fans are unhappy with the Fox Sports coverage of Obama’s first pitch, which didn’t follow the ball so viewers didn’t see Pujo grab it. The video of Obama’s first pitch as follows: