Michael Easton Has Made His Return To ‘General Hospital’: Has Dr. Hamilton Finn Impressed So Far?

Kim Brandow

Michael Easton is back on General Hospital in his new role as Dr. Hamilton Finn and he has already made quite an impression. In just the three days since he has arrived in Port Charles, Dr. Finn has managed to confirm Tracy Quartermaine's diagnosis, won a major battle with Dr. Obrecht, and made Carly Corinthos cringe just a little. What have fans learned about this new character so far?

The first time that Easton, aka Finn, showed up on screen on Monday's episode of General Hospital was when Monica gave him a buzz to ask for his help with Tracy's case. He rushed to Port Charles to consult, but he didn't come alone. He walked into the hospital carrying a lizard. It is actually a bearded dragon and was the same one that Dr. Finn was petting in his first scene.

It also looks like General Hospital will finally have another competent doc to take care of all of those Port Charles mishaps. Finn, as he wants to be called, confirmed that Dr. Munro's initial diagnosis of an infectious disease, not cancer, in Tracy's brain was correct. He told her that she has worms in the brain from eating some contaminated food when she went on her vacation a few months ago. This story line may seem a little odd, but it did bring Michael Easton back on screen.

In addition, Hamilton Finn had it out with Liesl Obrecht over being able to start treatments for Tracy since he does not have privileges to practice at General Hospital. There is definitely something up with those two. Dr. O seems to have some hostility towards Finn. They could have some sort of past history.

There are many questions about the mysterious Hamilton Finn that will be answered in the coming months. Does he have any other connections in Port Charles besides being a top infectious disease doctor that Monica requested for Tracy? Why does he have a therapy lizard? Why does he look exactly like Silas Clay?

Longtime soap actor Michael Easton portrayed the role of Dr. Clay on General Hospital until last year when his character was unexpectedly killed off. His fans were upset that he was let go and they were quite vocal about it on social media. Their voices were heard as executive producer Frank Valentini revealed in February that he would be returning to the daytime drama.

Now that Easton has made his debut as Dr. Hamilton Finn this week, it looks like his character has become a hit already, not to mention the lovable lizard Roxy. This is the fourth character that Michael has played on the soap. John McBain, Caleb Morley/Stephen Clay, and Silas Clay were all characters that he took on and did the best he could with what was written for him. However, this Finn character has been memorable already. Of course, the now-famous lizard may just have something to do with that as well. It looks like a match made in heaven.

What are your thoughts so far on General Hospital's Hamilton Finn? Are you thrilled to have Michael Easton back?

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]