Microsoft Surface Phone And iPhone 7 Could Revitalize Smartphone Industry

Microsoft Surface Phone

2015 wasn’t a great year for the smartphone industry, but with the release of both Microsoft’s Surface Phone and Apple’s iPhone 7, 2016 could be completely different. The year already started off well with Samsung’s critically acclaimed Galaxy S7 series and it looks like things are only getting better.

Microsoft hasn’t officially announced the Surface Phone, but many sources point to the release of a Surface Phone by the end of the year. PC-Tablet has the news.

“The Surface mobile device has not been announced or officially recognized by Microsoft. However, according to the rumors this device would be roughly designed around the Surface tablets, and could be aimed at businesses. With this device, it is expected to that Microsoft ‘s failing smartphone efforts would turn around.”

Microsoft Surface Pro 4
The article adds that the Surface Phone will be a flagship smartphone that has an industrial design similar to the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4. Intel has allegedly been heavily involved with this smartphone project.

The Independent claims that the groundwork for the Surface Phone has been laid with the Lumia 650.

“Microsoft, with the arrival of the Surface Phone is expected to change the way the markets work. The device is expected to release with supreme specs, quite similar to those previously spotted on the other Surface devices such as the surface tablets and the surface book laptop.”

Unlike other smartphones, the Surface Phone is expected to run a full desktop operating system — Windows 10. It certainly won’t have the processor speed of the Surface Pro 4 or a high-end tablet, but the fact that one could actually use desktop software on a smartphone is certainly new to the industry. Microsoft’s still unannounced Surface Phone has caused a lot of excitement on Twitter.

The upcoming iPhone 7 likely won’t run a desktop operating system like OS X, but it’s not designed to. However, it appears that there will be major changes in the design. The first possibly real photo of the iPhone 7 Plus has made its waves and has even appeared on Mac Rumors. The site talked about the iPhone 7 Plus’ camera

“The most notable change is the inclusion of a much-rumored dual-lens camera with a protruding, pill-shaped enclosure, as opposed to two separate circular camera openings depicted in some online renderings.”

MacRumors adds that the dual-lens camera is accompanied by a microphone and an LED flash, as seen on previous iPhones, while the antenna bands have been relocated to the top and bottom edges of the smartphone. Reportedly, there are also three small dots on the bottom of the iPhone 7 Plus that are likely in place for a Smart Connector, which is a new interface introduced by the iPad Pro.

Apple iPhone 6s Plus
In addition, both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are said to be thinner than previous iPhone models. There are even rumors that the screen resolution of both phones will be improved. Based on the rumors, which phone would you rather have — the Surface Phone or the iPhone 7? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images]