Ted Cruz: Donald Trump Is ‘A Sniveling Coward’

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz took on rival Donald Trump again this morning in their ongoing feud over – what else – their wives, responding to Trump’s continued provocation, and calling the Republican frontrunner a “sniveling coward” who is “afraid of strong women.” Cruz continued to praise his wife, Heidi Cruz, who he lauded as an “excellent mother.” Heidi Cruz spoke out about the Trump feud just yesterday, but brushed off the bellicose billionaire’s insults.

“Our children and spouses are off limits, real men don’t try to bully women,” Ted Cruz said in a press conference just moments ago.

The whole thing started, as the Inquisitr reported, when an anti-Trump SuperPAC ran anti-Trump ads in Utah, featuring photos of a half-undressed Melania Trump, imagery designed to shock the socially conservative population of Utah. Trump took to Twitter to insult Ted Cruz and his wife, Heidi, in a feud that has — in the past few hours alone — become increasingly personal and increasingly vile.

For his part, Ted Cruz attempted to lay the feud to rest this morning, tweeting a reply to a photo sent out by the Trump campaign featuring an unflattering video still of Heidi Cruz beside an 80s glamour-shots style photo of Melania Trump, with a simple caption: “the images are worth a thousand words.” Ted Cruz replied that Melania Trump is “lovely” and that they should stop bickering over their wives, reports Mediaite.


But today, during a brief press conference, Ted Cruz appears to have had enough of the Donald Trump–Heidi Cruz–Melania Trump feud. The Texas senator slammed Trump for his personal attacks, telling him point-blank to leave Heidi “the hell alone.”

“It’s not easy to tick me off. I don’t get angry often, but you mess with my wife, you mess with my kids, that’ll do it every time,” Ted Cruz told the press today, visibly agitated by Trump’s continued personal attacks, reports NBC News.

Donald Trump is a master of the personal attack, and over the course of the campaign he’s called Ted Cruz “Lyin’ Ted,” he’s alleged that Ted Cruz isn’t eligible to run for president due to his Canadian birth, and Trump has even called him a “maniac” and alleged that Cruz cheated to win in Iowa. In response to each of these past personal attacks, Cruz has either dismissed them outright or laughed them off. Today we saw a different Ted Cruz, a Ted Cruz frustrated by the increasingly personal and increasingly bitter tone of their rivalry.

Cruz isn’t innocent in stirring the pot. He’s certainly lobbed his fair share of insults at the Trump campaign, but we saw a different Cruz during his brief press conference today. He was visibly angry, and visibly irritated by the feud.


“Heidi Cruz is my best friend, she’s an excellent mother,” Ted Cruz said today, shaking with anger.

Even CNN anchor Kate Bolduan was bothered by the tone of the Trump rhetoric lately, which has become – according to some observers – blatantly misogynistic. Bolduan was speaking with a senior Trump campaign adviser, when she pressed him about the retweet of the photo of Melania Trump and Heidi Cruz, the one with the unflattering side-by-side comparison of the two women.

“Explain the retweet, explain this coming from Donald Trump,” said CNN’s Kate Bolduan.

“I think the retweet speaks for itself,” said senior Trump campaign advisor, Stephen Miller, who laughed it off.

“Stephen this all could have ended because the candidates could have ended it – then Donald Trump sent out the retweet. Why does Donald Trump want to continue to talk about this? This is tweet is demeaning,” Bolduan said, addressing the photo. “It’s insulting to Melania Trump, and Heidi Cruz.”

[Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]