Xbox One Vs PS4: Online Chart Outlines Key Differences, Specs Favoring PlayStation 4

Xbox One vs PS4: Which next-gen gaming console reigns supreme?

Since these next-generation consoles were first released on the market, gaming fans and critics have continuously debated over which console is better than the other.

Microsoft vs Sony. Xbox vs PlayStation. With each generation and newly designed consoles that have been released within both lines over the years, the ongoing debate has only grown more and more intense. When the Xbox 360 went head-to-head against the PlayStation 3, it seemed as if Sony finally won the battle hands down by offering an integrated Blu-ray disc player.

However, Microsoft apparently made sure that an integrated Blu-ray disc player was one of the main highlights featured in the Xbox One next-gen console. Therefore, when it comes to the popular next-gen consoles, which one is considered the best one: Xbox One or PlayStation 4?

A particular chart circulating on Facebook currently favors PlayStation 4 in the Xbox One vs PS4 debate — and that particular conclusion was apparently drawn by the several points outlined within the chart.

As outlined in the Xbox One vs PS4 chart, the AMD 8-core “Jaguar” CPU is a solid similarity between both next-gen consoles. There is also an AMD Radeon-based GPU in both consoles, as well. However, that is where the specifications of the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 are placed directly under the microscope — and lead to the Sony PS4 rising as the victor of this debate.

For instance, the Sony PS4’s AMD Radeon-based GPU has 18 compute units (the Xbox One reportedly has 12). The PS4 has 1152 shader cores (in comparison to the Xbox One’s 768 shader cores). According to the chart, the Sony PlayStation 4 wins with several other specifications — including the console’s peak power, RAM, and the fact that its 500GB HDD can be removed and replaced.

A major selling point of the Xbox One is that it comes with a Kinect 2.0, while the PS Eye for the PlayStation 4 has to be purchased separately. However, you still have the substantial price difference outlined on the chart that gives the Sony PS4 another point on the scoreboard.

The recently confirmed cross-network play opportunities announced by Microsoft present the possibility of putting the debate on hold — at least for now. However, the overall cost of the PS4 console — and high-quality brand recognition — play major roles in helping the Sony PlayStation 4 to put up a huge fight in this ongoing debate.

It is important to keep the pricing aspect in its proper perspective, though, especially when you consider reports of possible price reductions in the near future.

TechRadar reports that the next generation chips built inside of each design actually cause production costs to drop. The expense of the AMD component is reportedly factored into the overall selling price of the consoles. Lisa Su, the CEO of AMD, opened up in an interview with TechRadar about the opportunity to drop the prices of the consoles without affecting their performance.

“The consoles work on a five to seven year strategy. That’s the lifetime for these consoles. Without talking about any particular party’s console — there will be opportunities to cost-reduce. Consoles tend to be very sensitive to price point, we see that as price comes down console [sales] volume goes up, and that will afford an opportunity to do that in this cycle.”

It won’t be long before the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles are replaced by their successors. However, chances are that the debate of which console is better in the Xbox One vs PS4 battle will more than likely never end.

[Photo by Al Powers/Invision/AP]