Michele Bachmann Said God Used Brussels Attacks To Humiliate Obama

Bachmann Said God Used Brussels Attacks To Humiliate Obama

Michele Bachmann indicated that God is teaching President Obama a lesson, and using ISIS to do it. In an article panned by media, she called out President Obama for sticking to his agenda in Cuba, and criticized his policies about terrorism in the wake of the bombings in Brussels.

Bachmann, a former Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP hopeful for the Presidential race, indicated that God was using the Brussels attacks to punish Obama.

“…Maybe our president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.”

Bachmann took the proverbial rod to the President in an essay, titled “Obama Enjoys Cuba While Civilization Burns.”

She was referring to Obama’s meeting with Raul Castro, in the first Presidential trip to the country in 88 years. He landed on Monday with the First Family and orchestrated a press conference, in which a reluctant Castro was encouraged to answer questions about human rights. During a speech in Cuba on Tuesday, Obama did address the attacks in Cuba, saying it was time for the world to unite against terrorism. He was scheduled to meet with dissidents on Tuesday to discuss human rights, and he kept that appointment.

Bachmann has represented staunch Republican views for some time, but has been called out by journalists like Anderson Cooper.

In her article about Brussels, Bachmann fired off a few verbal rounds about Israel, accusing the President of minimizing ISIS threats.

“The president once again mocked his nemesis, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, by cleverly turning the international press corps toward his brilliant work in Cuba, instead of covering ongoing Islamic attacks against the Jewish state as outlined that very same day at the annual pro-Israel AIPAC meeting in Washington, D.C..”

Bachmann pointed out that the bombings in Brussels spirited the world’s attention away from Obama’s diplomatic efforts in Cuba.

“Obama’s slavish press corps was forced to turn their uncritical gaze from adoring him to revealing the newest carnage in Brussels.”

Bachmann’s commentary was described as “loopy” by writer Tommy Christopher on Mediaite.

“Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Sarah Palin were held at gunpoint and forced to drunk-tweet slam poetry?”

Christopher went on to refer to the article Bachmann had posted. “Then, this is for you.”

“The rambling, stream-of-what-can-only-loosely-be-called-consciousness blog post touches on a wide range of horrible Obama failures, but most notably posits that maybe God sent the terrorists to Brussels to humiliate President Obama.”

In her essay, Bachmann portrayed ISIS as upholding traditional Muslim beliefs, and held up Jesus in contrast, in a reminder of the upcoming Easter weekend.

“Bits and pieces of flesh and blood, some Americans, all innocents, were scattered – scattered to further the act of conquest by Islam against the continent once enlightened by the beliefs and values of Western Christendom.”

“Three men committed to a false God and a doctrine of demons chose death to advance Western civilization’s defeat.

“This week, some 2,000 years ago, a Jewish Savior named Jesus willingly gave His life as a substitutionary sacrifice to pay for the sins of all humankind, to reconnect us with the God who made us.”

She added that Barack Obama was “trafficking in the dangerous fantasy of multicultural diversity, globalization and one-world nonsense.”

Following his visit to Cuba, Obama flew with his family to Argentina in a controversial attempt to mend relationships. It was a visit fraught with painful history, and one the New Yorker referred to as “bittersweet.”

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