‘Arrow’ Just Broke Fans’ Hearts — Is This Really The End Of Olicity?

If you have not watched the latest episode of Arrow, consider yourself warned – major spoilers ahead!

Weddings are a special moment for both the bride and groom. There’s family, friends, and undying love that vows to be there forever and ever. Unless, of course, it’s a scripted wedding to lure Cupid who’s on a binge-worthy anti-love killings spree.

In the latest episode of Arrow, Olive Queen (Stephen Amell) wasn’t the only one to watch his perfect bride slip away, as Olicity fans everywhere join him in his heartbrokenness.

During their fake wedding vows to lure Cupid, Oliver told Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) that “You are my always, and I just want the chance to be yours.” But as Bustle points out, Oliver was speaking in all honesty, and it was that honesty that made quite the impression given that Felicity’s vows weren’t nearly as uplifting as Olivers. So after Oliver’s grand speech, Cupid finally showed up to destroy any such love, which also made Felicity argue against the love killer.

Will Oliver and Felicity make it down the aisle this season? [Image via The CW]
Oliver and Felicity already had a fake wedding during Season 4. [Image by The CW]

Felicity said that she believes herself to be lucky to have experienced love with Oliver and that the playboy-turned-Starling City savior has made her into a better person. Of course, with those words fans thought it was a perfect time for Oliver and Felicity to kiss and make up. Wrong.

Olicity is over. They are not going to tie the knot. At least not in any immediate future. Although Oliver’s words were certainly moving, perhaps more to fans than to Felicity herself, she just can’t be with someone that keeps things from her.

However, during the episode, which lived up to the title of “Broken Hearts,” Oliver seemed to not entirely believe Felicity even though she told him point blank that “It is over,” states E! News. She even up and quit Team Arrow since working with Oliver would just be too much for her to deal with.

As for Oliver, he knows that they both still love each other, but unless he can quit lying to the women he loves and work on his shortcomings, Felicity isn’t going to accept him back.

Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]
Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]

But Zap2It sees the breakup as a perfect opportunity for Oliver to do some soul searching. It’s also a good time for Felicity to focus on herself, given the fact that she has had one hell of a year. She was attacked and temporarily paralyzed, learned her lover had a secret, helped rescue that secret son, and most recently had to fake her way through a wedding with someone she loves but can’t be with.

Nevertheless, this is Oliver and Felicity that we’re talking about, so fans should keep their fingers crossed. It may be over for now, but that certainly doesn’t mean forever. Perhaps they just need time to sort things out and will be back sooner rather than later.

Stepping away from the Olicity drama, the “Broken Hearts” episode accomplished more than simply taking down hate drunk Cupid. Team Arrow also managed to finally put Damien Darhk behind bars thanks to the gutsy testimony by Quentin Lance and Laurel’s awesome lawyer abilities. But fans know that this season’s villain won’t be trapped behind bars forever, as he seemed rather relaxed and comfortable in his new home and was able to sneak his ring past the guards.

Despite that, Damien’s stint in jail seems to at least last one episode, as Comic Book Resources reveals that next week’s episode involves Brie Larvan (aka The Bug-Eyed Bandit), who breaks out of jail and takes aim at Felicity, threatening to kill everyone unless she gets the chip that is implanted in Felicity’s back.

How long to you think Damien will be trapped behind bars? What about Oliver and Felicity? Will they ever be together again? Let us know your predictions for the rest of this season of Arrow, and check out a preview for the next all-new episode below.

[Image via The CW]