Jeremy Calvert Defends Girlfriend Brooke Wehr On Twitter, Planning To Quit ‘Teen Mom 2’?

Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are under fire just one episode into Teen Mom 2 Season 7. Although there’s still plenty of drama to come, Wehr has faced backlash on Twitter due her relationship with Jeremy Calvert, who is the ex-husband of Leah Messer.

Following Monday’s Teen Mom 2 Season 7 premiere, a fan tweeted to Jeremy Calvert and Wehr, writing, “As [a] mom herself how you tear down another mom is beyond me! She should try to get along with Leah.”

Although it was unclear where the fan got her information about Wehr allegedly tearing Messer down, another fan quickly claimed she’s done nothing of the sort. Jeremy Calvert spoke up, as well.

“You don’t have a f—ing clue on anything ur talking about so until u do keep ur mouth f—ing closed thanks,” Jeremy Calvert wrote.

Jeremy Calvert began dating Wehr in early summer of last year, and while he did bring her to Los Angeles in July 2015, where he was scheduled to film the Teen Mom 2 reunion, she did not appear on the series at all during Season 6. She did, however, appear to be mentioned during a conversation between Jeremy Calvert and a friend.

During Jeremy Calvert’s chat, he opened up about his divorce from Messer, claiming he was glad to be free and even stating that he regretted who he had a child with (although he made it clear that he did not regret his child, 3-year-old Adalynn Faith). He also spoke of a single mother but didn’t mention any name.

Jeremy Calvert married Messer in April 2012 and parted ways at the end of 2014, when he accused her of cheating on him with ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd. However, it wasn’t until June 2015 that their divorce was finalized.

In other Jeremy Calvert news, Messer’s ex-husband is reportedly in talks to leave Teen Mom 2 after filming Season 7.

“[Jeremy Calvert] is over it,” a source told the Ashley Reality Roundup on March 18. “He’s tired of being attached to this show, and now that he and Leah are divorced, he doesn’t want to be part of her drama. He’s tired of dealing with all the negativity that comes from him being on the show, too.”

Jeremy Calvert is also reportedly planning to remove his daughter, Adalynn, from the show. Because both parents of the children seen on the series are required to approve their camera-time, Jeremy Calvert can easy refuse to do so, thus making it legally impossible for any footage of Adalynn to be seen.

“[Jeremy Calvert] wants Addie out of the spotlight. He doesn’t want her to grow up being known as the kid from Teen Mom 2,” said the source.

And while MTV would likely try to bait cast members with more money in hopes of making them stay, this simply wouldn’t be effective with Jeremy Calvert.

“Jeremy’s one of the only cast members with a ‘real’ job,” the source continued. “He makes an impressive amount of money on his own, so money’s not really an issue for him like it is with some of the other cast members who completely rely on their Teen Mom 2 income to live off of.”

“He works all year, so the extra income from the show actually kind of screws him over come tax time,” the source added.

For more Jeremy Calvert, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 7, airing on Monday nights at 10 p.m. on MTV, and check out the new season’s trailer below.

[Image via Jeremy Calvert/Instagram]