Bernie Sanders Pulls Ahead Of Hillary Clinton In New Poll

Caitlin Johnstone

In the latest Bloomberg poll, outsider and media pariah Bernie Sanders now leads heiress-apparent Hillary Clinton by one percentage point.

The once favorite has squandered the 54-point lead she had over the democratic socialist from Vermont when she entered the race a year ago.

When past and likely participants in the Democratic nomination race were asked, "Which one of the following Democrats would be your first choice for President?", 49 percent of respondents said Bernie Sanders, 48 percent said Hillary Clinton, and 3 percent were not sure.

"It comes down to this: Bernie Sanders is the one Democrats see as looking out for them -- meaning he will build a stronger middle class at the expense of Wall Street. They trust him to do it. In the end, Hillary Clinton has a trust problem."

But surprisingly, over half the Democrat respondents were not bothered by the email scandal. They were more concerned about her flip-flopping on the Trans Pacific Partnership issue, and her alliance with Wall Street.

The Washington Post quoted Bill Clinton saying, "It's the economy, stupid," as the reason for Democrats swarming to Bernie Sanders. On issues of foreign policy, Clinton does well with respondents saying they trust her 65 to 21 on "Can best combat Islamic terrorism"; but on issues of the economy and looking after the middle class, Democrat voters trust Sanders more, with Bernie outpolling Clinton by 30 percentage points, 60 to 32.

In the Democrat/Republican match-ups, the Democrats appear to be doing very well, mostly outpolling each Republican counterpart.

"Trump's numbers are bad and getting worse," J. Ann Selzer said of the colorful presidential hopeful to Bloomberg. "A majority of Americans now describe their feelings toward him as very unfavorable. That's a 13-point spike from November 2015."

Most Republicans don't want to block his nomination, but as the match-up polls indicate, he will have a hard time come November.

For many though, 2016 may end up being a choice between the lesser of two evils. According to a new CBS poll, Clinton and Trump have historically high unfavorability ratings, the highest since polling began in 1984, resulting in a net negative for both Trump (-33) and Clinton (-21). The previous record was held by Hillary's husband Bill Clinton, who rated -17.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]