Deer In Manhole Saved After Dramatic Rescue In New York

A deer in a manhole was rescued after on Long Island after emergency workers spent hours to get the animal free.

The deer found itself 20 feet into a manhole on Long Island, where landscape workers spotted it and called police, reported. The manhole was in a vacant lot under construction in Mount Sinai, N.Y., and the fawn wandered too close before falling in sometime early Thursday.

The Suffolk County Police responded to the scene just after 3:30 p.m. to find the deer in the manhole. The police had to wait for emergency service workers, who arrived close to 5 p.m., to test the environment and be sure it was stable enough for a rescue.

After strapping on a harness and breathing apparatus, Emergency Service Officer Walter Justincic was carefully lowered the approximately 18-20 feet down to where the young deer was waiting, police said.

Once at the bottom of the manhole, Justinic tied a separate harness around the deer so it could be lifted to safety. In all the deer in manhole rescue took about four hours, with officers finally lifting the fawn up at around 8 p.m. Justinic followed shortly afterward.

Deer stuck in manhole rescued on Long Island

They said the deer looked scared and made sounds as if were crying, the Associated Press reported.

After it was pulled up out to safety, the deer in the manhole was held for a few minutes as police officers and rescue personnel snapped pictures with it. Officers then released the deer back into the wild, where it appeared unharmed by the manhole incident.

Deer in manhole rescued