Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are ‘Talking’ About Getting Back Together: Is He Done With Hailey Baldwin And Kourtney Kardashian?

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly in talks to reconcile.

In the years since Justin Bieber and Gomez parted ways, the former couple has spent tons of time together, and while he has been linked to Hailey Baldwin and Kourtney Kardashian in recent months, a new report claims his main interest is in his ex-girlfriend, Gomez.

Justin Bieber and Gomez are “talking” about getting back together after the conclusion of their tours, a source revealed to E! News on March 24.

Just last month, Gomez showed her support for Justin Bieber at his Los Angeles concert, and also in attendance was his rumored flame, Kardashian. However, when the performance wrapped, it was Selena Gomez who hung out with Justin Bieber in his dressing room.

Gomez had an “amazing” time at Justin Bieber’s recent show, the E! News source revealed, and she and Bieber “looked genuinely comfortable together.”

“They both looked really happy.”

Gomez’s appearance at Justin Bieber’s concert came just days after the two engaged in a flirty exchange on Instagram. On Saturday, after Justin Bieber posted a throwback photo of himself and Gomez, along with the caption, “Feels,” Gomez liked the photo and commented, “Perfect.”

According to E! News‘ report, Justin Bieber and Gomez’s feels for one another are mutual, and when it comes to Gomez, the insider claimed she continues to “care very deeply for Bieber — and has since their split.”

As for Justin Bieber’s relationships with Baldwin and Kardashian, they will likely come to an end when and if he decides to move forward with a possible reconciliation with Gomez.

Justin Bieber and Baldwin have been seen together frequently for the past few months, and over the weekend, Baldwin was seen at his show. However, when it comes to a committed relationship, Baldwin reportedly wanted way more from Justin Bieber than he was willing to give.

“Justin has never liked when people tell him what he can and can’t do,” an insider told Hollywood Life in January. “Every time someone in his life has tried to restrain him or given him a hard time about his behavior he has ended up rebelling. His mom tried and she and Justin ended up having a falling out.”

According to the report, Baldwin attempted to force Justin Bieber into a relationship, and when she did so, her plan reportedly backfired. This would likely explain why Justin Bieber and Baldwin seemed so cozy with one another during a trip to Anguilla, but seemed to be on the outs as soon as they returned.

“He’s been pulling away for the past week after being inseparable,” the source said at the time. “Justin and Hailey will get along great as long as she doesn’t demand too much from him. As soon as she pushed for a relationship Justin went cold.”

“Unfortunately for Hailey, [Justin Bieber] still just doesn’t have the same sort of feeling for her that he did for Selena,” the source explained. “He’s still searching for a girl who made him feel like she did. Right now Justin and Hailey are just really good friends. Yeah they are hooking up and she definitely wants a commitment from him but lately they have just been ‘f’ buddies.”

Justin Bieber stayed mum on Gomez’s appearance at his recent show, and on Instagram later that night, he appeared to be at a club with Kardashian’s younger sister, Kim, and her husband, Kanye West.

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