Sick ISIS Poll Asks Supporters To Choose Next Terror Target, Daesh Militants Pick Next Terror Victim Online

Coburn Palmer

Days ago, suicide bombers struck at the heart of Europe in a brazen terror attack that shocked the world, killed 31 innocent people, and injured another 270.

Now, ISIS supporters around the world are celebrating the horrific terror attack with an online poll asking jihadi militants to vote for the target of the next terror attack.

In an online forum, ISIS, sometimes called Daesh, asked their militant fighters around the world to vote on one sick and twisted poll question.

"What will be the color of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?"

The online poll showed Britain with the highest number of militant votes followed by Russia and Germany; Italy and the United States were tied for fourth.

Another poll that surfaced on Twitter asked Daesh militants a similar question.

"What will be the next attack by the Islamic State?"

In that poll, ISIS fighters were able to choose between Italy, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It had a total of 103 responses, and the results were only available to voters. ISIS supporters responded to the online polls by filling Twitter with hate filled threats of violence, reports Vocativ.

"Britain has taken all precautions, the Caliphate doesn't stop at barriers."

Other defiant Daesh militants used Twitter to chime in with their own threats, reports the Daily Mail.

"The Islamic State will attack London, Washington, Rome and all the infidels' capitals."

Another jihadi taunted the West with threats of his own.

"The Crusaders are blundered and confused. Yesterday Paris, today Brussels, and they don't know where will be the next attack."

This isn't the first time the Islamic State has used social media to poll supporters and ask them to vote on its sick and twisted methods. When a Jordanian pilot was shot down over ISIS caliphate territory in December 2014, Daesh created the appalling hashtag #SuggestAWayToKillTheJordanianPilotPig to ask for different ways to kill their captive.

He was eventually burned alive on film.

Recently released information has also emerged that ISIS has trained 400 jihadi fighters who have infiltrated Europe in separate independent cells with instructions to attack in deadly waves of violence.

The deadly terror attacks come as Britain is considering leaving the European Union, as many claim the flood of immigrants fleeing the Middle East has made the continent unsafe.

The country will vote June 23 to decide if it will make a historic break with the continent in a move the UK's former intelligence chief says would everyone safer, according to the Express.

"Brexit would bring two potentially important security gains... and, more importantly, greater control over immigration from the European Union."

Trump weighed in on Brexit, advising the country to leave the European Union because of the crazy migration crisis, according to the Express.

"I think maybe it's time, especially in light of what's happened, with the craziness that's going on with the migration, with people pouring in all over the place. I think that Britain will end up separating from the EU, that's my opinion."

[Photo by Thibault Camus/AP]