Giada De Laurentiis’ Net Worth Decreases After ‘Rough’ Divorce

Giada De Laurentiis’ divorce has been so rough on her that her net worth has even taken a direct hit from it.

The TV chef recently opened to E! News up about her divorce from husband of 12 years, Todd Thompson. At the Triscuit Maker Fund breakfast, De Laurentiis admitted that it hasn’t been easy.

“I had a rough year and a half, no question. But I think that all of us go through stuff. I checked out for a little bit. I tried to stay under the radar to protect my family and my daughter, mostly. But now I feel like I’ve turned the corner.

“I think that the pain was so raw for so long that I just felt like I couldn’t [even talk about it]. I think that everybody takes their time to get over whatever it is they need to get over.”

The divorce has also been tough on Giada’s assets. It’s been called one of the costliest divorces in all of Hollywood. Thanks to her expensive divorce, her reported net worth has decreased in value. According to the divorce papers obtained by TMZ, Giada has agreed to pay $9,000 per month in alimony, or a total of $108,000 per year. Todd kept the couple’s $3.2 million home in Pacific Palisades, California. He also received 50 percent of the royalties on the cookbooks that Giada made under the contract she received while they were married.

The couple didn’t sign a prenup, which is why De Laurentiis’ assets have taken a hit. However, that hasn’t stopped her from buying a new $7 million home and selling out cookbooks left and right. According to E! News, court documents revealed that Giada de Laurentiis’ net worth is estimated at $20 million, which is still not bad. Both De Laurentiis and Thompson entered the marriage wealthy, so it’s not like they need the money. Thompson’s reported net worth is $15 million.

Giada De Laurentiis
Giada De Laurentiis' cookbooks have helped keep her assets afloat. (Photo by Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for SOBEWFF®)

The court documents also revealed that the unpaid advances that Giada received for each of her cookbooks was listed among her assets. Her popular book, Everyday Pasta (2007), earned an honest $750,000, while Giada’s Feel Good Food (2013) and Weeknights with Giada (2012) raked in a staggering $2.3 million and $2.5 million each. Giada’s net worth may be on a decline, but it’s reported to stay in the eight-figure range for the next few years. She also keeps ownership of her brand, including her cookbook and production company, Linguine Pictures, as well as rights to GDL Foods, Inc.

When the Food Network star attended the event on Wednesday, a total of $250,000 was donated to over 50 food marker campaigns on Indiegogo. De Laurentiis spoke out about her involvement with the flash fund.

“Like Triscuit, I have great admiration for today’s community of food makers, because I know the kind of work that goes into taking a simple idea and building something impactful. I’m thrilled to be working with the brand to elevate and encourage new small businesses at various points on their journey from concept to success.”

She also talked about the new love in her life, Shane Farley, who’s she reportedly been dating since November. Giada gushed about her new man and said that she’s finally found happiness despite the difficult and expensive divorce.

“Life is fun and great and I have so much fun with my daughter and I have someone new!” she said as she beamed her signature smile.

Giada De Laurentiis
Giada De Laurentiis will continue her work with Triscuit. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Triscuit)

So, what’s next for Giada De Laurentiis? To keep her net worth from dipping, she will start shooting her new Giada in Italy series for a month in the country, where she will go back to her roots to seek inspiration for some new dishes. De Laurentiis will also continue her involvement with Triscuit, which she hopes to find simplicity in both her personal life and professional life.

[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for NYCWFF]