Voters Say Clinton Trumps Donald When It Comes To Presidential Traits

Hillary Clinton will blow Donald Trump out of the water if the two respective presidential front-runners end up going head-to-head in November’s general election, a new CNN/ORC poll has claimed.

According to voters, Clinton outscores Trump on a wide array of crucial qualifications — including her ability to empathize with the middle class and general views that are better aligned with the American public.

Those polled also argued that Clinton is better suited to handle the responsibilities of being commander in chief.

Across all parties, 56 percent of voters reckon Clinton will come out victorious if she comes face-to-face with Trump in November. Democrats are far more confident, with 87 percent of those surveyed saying she would win.

By contrast, only 75 percent of Republicans think Trump has the ability to lock down the general election. GOP supporters against Trump are far more skeptical of the front-runner’s chances. Approximately 40 percent of Republican Party voters who are opposed to the bullish reality TV star said Clinton would beat Trump with virtual ease.

Trump is a Nazi sign Trump has the worst approval rating of any 2016 presidential hopeful. [Photo by Gabriella Demczuk/Getty Images]Meanwhile, 92 percent of Trump supporters told pollsters the presumed GOP nominee would take the White House in the general election.

Thursday’s survey results represent a slight shift from a previous CNN survey that placed Clinton with a 53 percent lead against Trump in the hypothetical contest.

Of the 1,001 individuals surveyed, 55 percent said Clinton would make a better commander in chief than Trump. Clinton and Trump both scored relatively evenly when pollsters asked which of the two candidates would make a strong and decisive leader.

But 51 percent of voters said they thought Clinton was more in touch with the middle class, compared to just 36 percent for Trump. Likewise, Clinton maintained a considerable lead over Trump when voters were asked which candidate’s views more closely aligned with their own.


Clinton’s considerable lead in Thursday’s poll was spearheaded by several key demographics. Minority groups and those with college degrees were far more likely to choose the former Secretary of State versus Trump. Clinton also maintained a 15-point lead over her top GOP rival when voters were asked which candidate made for a better role model.


That being said, a quarter of voters said they admired neither candidate, and 17 percent argued that neither Trump nor Clinton are honest or trustworthy. Clinton was also ranked as the most likely candidate to change her position on a political issue.

But to be fair, none of 2016’s remaining presidential hopefuls rank terribly well in terms of favorability.

Of all those surveyed, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders had the highest approval rating, at 48 percent. That represents a stark decline from an earlier CNN poll claiming 60 percent of registered voters liked Sanders.

Bernie Sanders frowning Bernie Sanders’ approval rating has slid in recent weeks. [Photo by George Frey/Getty Images]In Thursday’s poll, 43 percent said they dislike Sanders, while 54 percent said they held an unfavorable view of Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Only 31 percent of voters said they dislike Ohio Governor John Kasich — but 16 percent also admitted they’d never even heard of the Republican presidential hopeful.

Despite Bernie Sanders enjoying a recent surge in the polls, Hillary Clinton still maintains a considerable lead over the long-time independent.

Including super delegates, Clinton now lays claim to a total of 1,690 delegates. Sanders is currently sitting at just 946. At least 2,382 delegates are needed in order to secure the Democratic Party nomination.

At present, pollsters at RealClearPolitics have awarded Clinton a nine-point lead over Sanders nationwide.

Meanwhile, GOP front-runner Donald Trump is having a much easier time of it. Thus far, Trump has earned 739 of the 1,237 delegates needed to secure the Republican Party nomination.

Although Trump’s runaway lead in the polls has somewhat diminished in recent weeks, he still commands a 12.7-point lead over top rival Ted Cruz.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]