iPhone 6S Gets iOS 9.3 Update With NightShift, New 3D Touch Gestures, & More

iPhone 6S gets iOS 9.3 update

A new iPhone 6s update is available via the recently released iOS 9.3. After months of being in a beta period, the Cupertino-based tech giant finally rolled out the freshest official iteration of its mobile OS. The Daily Mail reported that the iOS 9.3 update was released together with the launch of a 9.7-inch iPad Pro and the iPhone SE.

In addition to iPhone 6s, the iOS 9.3 update was also seeded to various Apple mobile phones. 9to5Mac shared that iOS 9.3 can be installed on iPhone 4s and iPhone models released after that. The iOS 9.3 is also compatible with iPad Mini and newer versions, the iPad 2 and later models, as well as the iPad Pro. Fifth and sixth generations of the iPod Touch are also getting the iOS 9.3 update.

For iPhone 6S and other Apple device owners who are unfamiliar with the steps to install the iOS 9.3 firmware update, Apple Support’s official Twitter account posted a link in one of its recent tweets to answer questions users might have regarding the process. In the support page, Apple advised everyone to make a backup of the device using iCloud or iTunes prior to installing the update. Check out the tweet below.

The 9to5Mac reported that iOS 9.3 works well on recent models. For instance, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s are running smoothly on iOS 9.3. However, the post also shared an advice to users of older Apple devices, noting that they “may want to wait on upgrading in case of performance issues.”

CNET particularly reported that installing iOS 9.3 on older iPad models are causing some issues.

“Certain older iPads are unable to install iOS 9.3 and are ‘bricking’ at the activation stage,” the post pointed out further adding that this means that “the update leaves them inoperable.” More particularly, it looks like the iOS 9.3 update issue is experienced on iPad 2, as there are users who reported that they were getting authentication error messages when activating their Apple tablet after the installation.

iPhone 6S update now available via iOS 9.3

The latest Apple mobile firmware brings in several new features and one of the iOS 9.3 highlights is NightShift, the iOS version of Flux, which makes the device easier on the eyes when people use it at night and in dark settings. Ultimately, it aims to help people with their circadian rhythm and give them a good night’s sleep.

MacWorld’s description of this new feature reads as follows.

Night Shift doesn’t change screens of black text on a white background to white text on a black background. Instead, it starts adjusting the colors shown on your iPhone or iPad screen “to the warmer end of the spectrum,” cutting down the bright blue light that supposedly messes with your internal clock, fooling you into thinking it’s daytime when it’s not.”

Moreover, according to the report, there will also be additional Quick Actions available for iPhone 6S and 6S Plus when they update to iOS 9.3. This will give them the opportunity to take advantage of the smartphone’s 3D Touch feature. For instance, users can immediately access Bluetooth, Battery, Wi-fi, or have a new wallpaper once they deep-press the Settings icon.

As for other new features, a security option was provided to Apple’s Notes application via the iOS 9.3 update. Users will be able to set a password or utilize Touch ID to keep their notes protected. The News app was also updated through incorporating inline video and including a landscape support for the iPhone version. iOS 9.3 update for iPhone 6s and other compatible devices also brings in more customization options for the “For You” section of the Apple News app.

Watch the YouTube video below from Everything Apple Pro, which shares everything one needs to know about the iOS 9.3 firmware update.

[Photo by John Gress/Getty Images]