Sofia Vergara’s Son Confirms His Mom’s Engagement

If you’ve been secreting hoping that the announcement of “Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara’s engagement to businessman boyfriend Nick Loeb was false, prepare to have your dreams epically shattered. According to MSN’s Wonderwall, Manolo Gonzalez, the actress’ son, has confirmed that Vergara and Loeb are, in fact, preparing to enter the realm of wedded bliss. Feel free to burst into tears right about now.

Sofia, who took a trip with her family, her husband-to-be, and several cast mates from the popular television comedy to Mexico to celebrate her birthday, was shocked when Loeb proposed to her atop one of the region’s many Mayan pyramids. Although she has appeared in public numerous times sporting a diamond ring on her wedding finger, Vergara has remained silent on the subject since last month.

Manolo, meanwhile, has been posting documentaries to YouTube, and recently talked about his mom’s proposal. “One of my mom’s dreams came true. As a little girl, she always wanted to go to the top of the pyramids,” he explained. “Unfortunately, people are not allowed to do that anymore. But since it was her birthday, her team worked for months on end to get her special permission to go up! Once they were to the top of the pyramid, my mother’s longtime boyfriend, Nick, proposed to her.”

ABC News reports that guests encountered a bit of trouble when they bypassed security ropes in order to ascend to the top of the pyramid. Although authorities ordered Vergara to surrender, the curvy actress simply laughed it off.

“It would’ve been funny, sad, but hilarious, if she had gone to a Mexican prison,” her son joked.

Right now is a very good time to be Sofia Vergara. In addition to getting engaged to Loeb, the actress and her co-workers recently settled a dispute with “Modern Family” producers. After skipping a week of work in protest, the principal cast now stands to make $65,000 per episode, though industry insiders claim that figure could be much closer to $170,000.