Madonna Busted For Parking Scam Outside Her NYC Townhouse

It seems that Madonna isn’t just angering concertgoers these days by showing up late and allegedly drinking on stage. Madonna and her people have gotten caught pulling off a parking scam that involves hoarding all of the parking outside her NYC townhouse.

According to the Inquisitr, Madonna has been chronically late for her concerts and has taken to drinking on stage, and concert-goers are complaining on social media. Madonna has been drinking on stage, apologizing to fans for messing up her lyrics, and confessing that the custody battle over 15-year-old Rocco Ritchie is getting to her. Fans accused her of mumbling through the concert and wondered if the drinking on stage was an act.

The New York Daily News is reporting that Madonna stole parking outside her Upper East Side Manhattan townhouse by using phony signs to threaten perspective parkers. But it is being suggested that it was Madonna’s minions who carried out the parking scam, but either way, “Tenant Parking Only” signs are illegal, even for Madonna.

Someone from Madonna’s camp also embossed “No Parking” on the concrete along the curbside, thus defacing the sidewalk, which is also illegal. The Department of Transportation visited the site yesterday and demanded changes at the E. 81st street townhouse, which is Madonna’s main residence.

Madonna finished a leg of her Rebel Heart Tour in Australia and will be returning to New York to deal with the illegally placed signs and coming to some agreement with Guy Ritchie over where Rocco Ritchie will live in the future.

TMZ broke the news that Madonna and her crew have also broken the law by painting the street spaces, dedicated to parking for Madonna and friends only, yellow, as in no parking.

The problem is that the spaces that Madonna and friends claimed as theirs are public parking spaces on a public street, and the city allegedly plans to do something about it. A neighbor “smelled a rat” and contacted the city’s Department of Transportation. A visit to the location directly in front of the house where Madonna lives with her children spotted the violations and forced the removal of the signs at Madonna’s expense.

The neighbor questioned a man guarding three SUVs parked in the spaces about where the signs came from and who put them up, and he reportedly said that “We know the right people.” TMZ is suggesting that the neighbor who ratted Madonna out obviously also “knew the right people.”

Fox5NY says that Madonna has been busted for putting up fake parking signs on a public NYC street. The NYC Department of Transportation says that citizens who put up tenant parking only and no parking signs are breaking the law. Parking is a hot commodity in New York, and hoarding public spaces is a big no-no.

Madonna just finished her tour and now is coming home to the additional drama of sign removal and likely a fine. There is no word whether the city will be removing the etched sidewalk or will force Madonna and company to restore the curb to its original unpainted status.

Do you think Madonna has the right to take up all of the parking spaces in front of her home?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]