‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Hayden Scrambles, Elizabeth Discovers, Michael Reveals, And Parker Confronts Kristina

Fans will not want to miss a minute of the drama ahead in Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Elizabeth learns something key about Hayden’s secrets, while Kristina is facing a difficult moment with Parker. Michael learns something significant about Sabrina, and Hayden is scrambling to get legal papers in place. Where are things headed in the March 24 show?

As viewers saw on Wednesday’s show, Hayden was anxious to meet with Diane to get some legal papers she had requested. General Hospital spoiler previews show Hayden seeming quite agitated as she gets to Diane’s looking for the papers she requested. It seems that she is desperate to get these papers in place before all of her secrets are exposed, and she is definitely running out of time.

Elizabeth took a look at the computer after Hayden left, and General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps tease that she will uncover something key. Hayden was pulling up information on someone named Naomi Dreyfus, and when Elizabeth looks at what was left up on the screen, it appears that she knows Naomi, or something about her.

Will Elizabeth be able to make the connection between Hayden and Naomi, and just what is it? Fans have been doing plenty of speculating, but so far nobody knows exactly where this is headed. General Hospital spoilers detail that Laura and Lulu will show up at Wyndemere, and Liz looks pretty shaken as she encounters them.


Kristina pleaded with her father to stay out of the school situation he had Max investigating and he agreed to let it go. Kristina may have thought she was in the clear now, but Professor Parker then showed up at her doorstep. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Kristina will be anxious to shoo Parker away, but the professor asks her to hold up and give her a chance to talk. Could a real romance between these two be on the horizon?

As SheKnows Soap details, Michael will be uncovering some key information about Sabrina’s whereabouts in Thursday’s show, as well. General Hospital spoilers note that he will be meeting with Felix and telling him that Sabrina is with Carlos Rivera. Fans have a hunch that Sabrina, and Carlos, may be headed back to Port Charles fairly soon, but can she repair things with Michael after all that has happened?


Anna and Griffin will be having an intense talk during Thursday’s episode, as he wants to know what she’s having such a hard time with these days. How much will she tell him about what happened with Duke and Carlos?

The latest General Hospital spoiler previews also show Maxie angry and slapping someone, and as Celeb Dirty Laundry speculates, this may be happening in a nightmare Nathan is having related to his Claudette secret, or something like that. Maxie may have said she didn’t need to know about Claudette, but Nathan is clearly still carrying a lot of guilt and worry about this big secret.


General Hospital spoilers tease that as the week wraps up, Nikolas gets a shocker and Laura’s key mystery leads to Scotty in some way. Laura now knows that the key is to a trunk, or something similar, and many suspect that she will find it in some dark corner of Wyndemere.

What is the truth about Hayden’s past? Where are things headed with these various Cassadine mysteries? Viewers are curious to see where things head next as the drama continues on General Hospital.

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