Rashida Jones Uses Awkward Child Photos To Promote ‘Celeste and Jesse Forever’

Rashida Jones is using an interesting marketing tactic to promote her new movie. The Parks and Recreations star decided to build interest in the film, Celeste and Jesse Forever, by tweeting out a few awkward photos from her childhood.

Jones wrote on twitter:

“Everyday until my movie comes out(Aug 3), I promise to tweet a school photo of me if you promise to see my movie, Celeste and Jesse Forever.”

And Jones kept her promise. The actress, who also wrote the screenplay for the new movie, spent the week delighting her 125,000 Twitter followers with awkward school photos.

Celeste And Jesse Forever, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, made its debut in theaters today. The movie stars Jones and recent SNL Graduate Andy Samberg as a couple trying to maintain their friendship after their divorce.

The movie has been well-received by critics (it currently has a 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes) who applaud the film for being more than a romantic comedy.

Jones said:

“I think what we wanted to do was pay our respects to the [romantic comedy] conventions that work, because they’re the conventions we grew up on and we loved…. Then try our best to invert, subvert, convert those into something slightly fresher and maybe add a bit of a surprising element to the convention.”

Have you seen Celeste and Jesse Forever? Here’s a trailer for the new movie.

And, because Rashida Jones really wants you to see her movie, here are some childhood photos of the star.

Photo #1: Starting with 1982. What is up with my bangs. Hadn’t hit awkward yet. Trust me, you’ll see…

rashida jones

School photo #2. 1985. The hair?! Also, deal with your collar, Jones. Not my best moment

rashida jones

School photo #3: 1990. AWKWARRRRRRRD. Why the turtleneck?! So much wrong here.

rashida jones braces

Okay y’all. Today’s the day. Graduation day, 1993. The lipstick color is REAL. Feel it. SEE MY MOVIE!

rashida jones