Do ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Fans Need To Watch ‘The Originals’ Crossover?

Crossovers between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals do not necessarily need to be watched by fans of both. The only time has arguably been the last two-hour event, but even then the main points were mentioned the week after. This crossover may be the opposite. Fans of The Vampire Diaries could benefit from watching the spinoff show.

It is not the crossover that many people have been asking for. As The Inquisitr previously reported, fans wanted a Klaroline crossover and have been given one with Elijah and Finn paying Matt a visit. The complaint from fans has been that Matt is that honorary human who has not really had enough character development for people to like. They also do not understand his new hatred for vampires, especially when Caroline and Stefan are his friends.

Now, The Vampire Diaries will crossover with its child show shortly after the return after a mini hiatus. Matt will appear on The Originals on April 8, coming face to face with Finn Mikaelson, the original vampire he killed. It is certainly going to be an interesting story, according to executive producer Michael Narducci, as it involves a revenge storyline. As a human, Matt should never have gotten the best of an original vampire, but he did. Finn will want to get revenge now that he is back with his family, and it seems Elijah is going to be willing to help.

Why does this make such an important story of The Vampire Diaries? The main reason is that it will be set in the present day, since it will be on The Originals. Unlike its parent show, it has not jumped three years into the future and has not included flash forwards to move on with the tale. It could be an important episode for those who want to know where Matt’s real hatred for vampires has come from. Up until now, he has grown protective of his town, but there has been no real reason for his hatred of Caroline. It could also go into how he lost someone he loved, who many fans presume is going to be Penny.

It is not possible to kill Matt on The Originals, but that does not rule out torture. That certainly seems the preferred option for the Mikaelsons, especially when they are in it for revenge. This could be one of the “bridge backs” that Julie Plec has mentioned in the past. She said that The Vampire Diaries Season 7 would include flashbacks to explain what happened during the three years Damon allowed himself to desiccate, but Matt’s storyline seems to need more than a little flash.

Matt will definitely be safe, even in the future. Plec has already confirmed that he will be safe, according to International Business Times. However, fans are not necessarily happy with that. They want to see their favorite characters are safe, including Caroline, Stefan, and Damon.

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While Plec says Matt will not die, that does not mean he will remain in The Vampire Diaries until the end. Tyler Lockwood has not been killed off yet, but keeps coming in and out of the show. Nina Dobrev’s Elena Gilbert is no longer in the show, but she is not technically dead; just in a long sleep.

The Vampire Diaries fans may not be happy with the idea of the new crossover with The Originals, but it may be an important episode. This could be the one that fans need to push forward with Matt’s storyline and understand how he became the vampire-hating character he is in the future. It could also give a bigger reason for Finn returning to the spinoff show. The crossover between The Vampire Diaries and The Originals will air April 8, and is directed by Joseph Morgan.

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