Is One Direction’s #Action1D Charity Over? Fans Carry On Message

Is #Action1D truly over, or is there another chapter ahead for this charity organized by One Direction?

One Direction had a great deal of success with their July 2015 #Action1D initiative, but it appears to have disappeared completely from their website.

During the time that #Action1D was in progress, fans posted thousands of videos on their website. However, soon after, One Direction took down that portion of their website, but it appears that #Action1D is still alive and well online — if fans know where to look.


Nonetheless, One Direction is not the originator of the idea behind #Action1D, and they are also not the final player in the attempt to get fans to connect with charity.

For example, Lil Wayne recently did a similar campaign to One Direction’s called Tidal Social Wave for Change that included the chance to win a free concert, according to the Huffington Post.

Adding to this, Page Six says One Direction’s #Action1D was called a fraud by a marketing guru named Scott Woodward that said it reminded him of an anti-bullying campaign called “Live Love Move.”

One Direction has been a supporter of charity for many years. (Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images for Rays of Sunshine)

Despite the copycat accusations, it is likely that Action 2015 was involved in One Direction’s campaign decisions since they started the initiative in the first place. According to their website, One Direction and other organizations primarily got involved because it was “a massive global movement to demand world leaders do their part to tackle the most pressing issues of our time.”

About One Direction’s partnership with Action 2015, Billboard writes on July 8 that 1D started this initiative with a video they posted on YouTube.

In the video, One Direction explained, “Whatever your vision, the guys want to know. Over the next few months, the band will be leading the initiative to get our voices heard on a global scale.”

About #Action1D, MTV News writes on July 15 that One Direction’s intentions were to show the fan videos at the “United Nations Summit for the Adoption of the Post-2015 Development Agenda” and the “2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference.”

Unfortunately, sometimes good things come to an end, and Celebmix writes that the project started on July 8, 2015, and the last day for #Action1D was July 27, 2015.

One Direction seemed to conclude the #Action1D initiative around the middle of August 2015 when they posted a “Dear World Leaders” video about the suggestions of fans on their YouTube account.

About the “Dear World Leaders” video, Save the Children quotes Margherita Watt, director of Creative and Digital at Save the Children UK, stating the following about One Direction and #Action1D.

“One Direction has done an incredible thing by mobilizing their huge fan base to speak up about the issues that really matter to them in this momentous year … This is the generation that has the power to tackle the most important issues of our time and change the world for better.”

They also stated that One Direction’s #Action1D generated “nearly 80,000 submissions of photos and videos calling out for change were received from 172 countries.” They also claim “the hashtag #Action1D has seen a reach of 2.5 billion so far.”

Although the project is over, some fans on Twitter claim that #Action1D has had a ripple effect. For example, one tweet talked about how the One Direction initiative has evolved into a fundraiser on Harry Styles’ birthday around January 10.

Other signs that fans are carrying the #Action1D torch include a Twitter post from March 5 by ActionDirectionersNA that stated to any good-doers out there should “Let us know if you want to help set up a fundraiser! #Action1D.”


Interestingly, One Direction is already involved in charities again even though they are on break. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Niall Horan will be embarking on a solo career as a golf management company owner, and he is launching his company with a cause close to One Direction: charity fundraising for a cancer research organization.

One Direction often supports children and cancer charities
One Direction typically supports charities that are related to cancer and terminally ill children. (Photo by Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images)

Although all One Direction members are extremely generous, one other recent charitable incident involves Louis Tomlinson and his family. The Tomlinson’s recently donated a large sum for a Doncaster couple to be flown back from Vietnam after incurring injuries in a motorbike accident, according to a March 10 report from Metro.

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