Oklahoma Street Lights Melt, Is Global Warming To Blame?

Kim LaCapria

When Oklahoma's melting street lights become a political hotrod, it's pretty safe to say America has gone off the reservation when it comes to partisan bickering.

An amazing picture of Oklahoma's melting street lights began circulating the web yesterday, first showing up midday on Gawker with some words about how record temps in Oklahoma all month long and the ensuing melting streetlights. The post has since been edited, but now reads:

"To illustrate just how hot it's been in Oklahoma for the past several weeks, the Oklahoma City-based NBC affiliate KFOR put up a viewer photo on its Facebook page claiming to show street lights melting in Stillwater... The National Climatic Data Center, via the Associated Press, says over 64 new temperature records were set across Oklahoma during the month of July — including 13 on July 31st alone."

Except, a dumpster fire might have melted them. But circling back, Oklahoma's melting streetlights have again kicked off a debate wherein everyone shouts about whether or not the world is getting hotter while we all slowly become soaked in sweat every second of every day we are alive.

oklahoma streetlights melting dumpster fire

Liberal blogs began sounding the alarm about global warming, and conservative bloggers rebutted, saying that the alarmist postings were a conspiracy to steal your money through global warming alarmism:

"...global warming alarmists, eager as always to parlay ignorance into greater control over the economy, have been quick to attribute every hot day to human-induced global warming. So, when it got so hot in Oklahoma that street lights actually melted, liberals were all over it."