One Pittsburgh Man’s Heartwarming And Hilarious Flash Mob Proposal [Video]

If you’re thinking of proposing to your honey anytime soon, you might want to look away because this one will be hard to top. A Pittsburgh man popped the question to his longtime girlfriend with the help of a singing, dancing, 300-person flash mob.

Joey Lanianese pulled out all the stops for his long-awaited proposal to girlfriend Alex DeLoia. A 300 person flash mob joined him in his efforts, performing a choreographed routine (coinciding with National Dance Day, interestingly enough) that ended with Lanianese intimately proposing to the sobbing DeLoia, reports NYDaily.

And yes, he danced with the flash mob himself.

DeLoia was told that the couple were meeting friends for dinner. “And we met them there and then they started a flash mob,” she said. “I didn’t have dinner that night!” The two rendezvoused with said friends when one dancer started the routine in the middle of the street. Soon, several others emerged from the crowd to join him, and it was a 300 person flash mob led by Lanianese quickly after that.


Lanianese met DeLoia as freshmen at Kent State six years ago, reports CBS KDKA. He apparently designed the engagement ring he gave to DeLoia, and spent months meticulously planning the flash mob dance sequence. He would leave for rehearsals and send videos of the dances to out-of-town mobbers so that they could practice on their own. “The go-to excuse was, ‘I’m going to a softball game’ so she bought it for a couple of months anyway,” says Lanianese.

Though DeLoia seemed overwhelmed in the video, she was indeed very happy with the proposal. “It’s been a long time coming and it was so worth the wait,” she said.

Here’s the Pittsburgh flash mob proposal video: