Mitt Romney Slams Donald Trump’s Foreign-Born Wives, Things Get Nasty

Mitt Romney is at it again. After Donald Trump won in the Arizona primaries but lost to Ted Cruz in the Utah primaries, the former Republican presidential nominee took another jab at the current GOP frontrunner.

Mitt Romney mocked the foreign-born wives of the New York real estate mogul at the Republican Congressional Committee GOP dinner on Tuesday evening. The former presidential candidate said that Trump has had several foreign wives, adding, “It turns out that there really are jobs Americans won’t do.”

It is a known fact that two of Donald Trump’s three wives are from other countries. Ivana, his first wife, was born in Czechoslovakia, while his current wife, Melania, is from Slovenia.

The jokes of Mitt Romney have escalated his ongoing spat with the business mogul. The two have been locked in a public feud for weeks now, both online and in other platforms. Earlier this month, Mitt Romney said in a speech that Republican voters should not vote for the frontrunner.

The speech was nationally televised and was given at the University of Utah. Mitt Romney said that real estate mogul-turned-politician is a phony and a fraud. He added that the promises of Donald Trump are worthless and it is impossible for him to execute the platforms mentioned in the rhetoric he delivers in various rallies.

Trump fired back at President Obama’s former rival from the 2012 elections, saying that Romney begged for his endorsement during the aforementioned campaign. Donald Trump told his supporters at a rally in Maine that if he told the former candidate to drop to his knees, he would do exactly as he says just to gain his support.

Another joke that Mitt Romney gave during the Republican Congressional Committee was centered on his faith. In Salt Lake City last week during Donald Trump’s rally, the frontrunner asked if people were really sure if Mitt Romney is truly a Mormon. The former candidate fired back saying, “He could have just asked my wives.”

This is not the first time that anti-Trump personalities and public figures have taken a jab at the frontrunner. Ahead of the Utah primaries on Tuesday, the anti-Trump Super PAC called Make America Awesome released a Facebook ad showing a past photo of Melania Trump posing for GQ magazine. The photo was also posted on Instagram.

Make America Awesome leader Liz Mair, a former Mitt Romney aide, said that the advertisement was not geared at slut-shaming, but rather to point out female submissiveness. The photo, which showed the wife of the frontrunner handcuffed to a briefcase, sends an “implicit message of female subservience.”

Another PAC called Our Principles, which is, again, run by another former Mitt Romney campaign member, began running ads this week featuring quotes from Donald Trump such as “Women, you have to treat ’em like s**t.” The ad then urges people not to vote for Donald Trump.

Mitt Romney and Anti-Trump Groups Continue Their Attack

Trump has both supporters and haters, but it has been projected that if the nomination is not handed over to him to represent the Republicans for the 2016 November elections, his supporters could start more protest rallies and riots.

Despite all the negative reports against Donald Trump, he has garnered 739 votes from delegates, compared to Ted Cruz’s 465 and John Kasich’s 143. He has also been endorsed by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and former presidential aspirants Dr. Ben Carson and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Donald Trump needs 1,237 votes from delegates. There are 944 votes still available in the upcoming primaries on the West Coast.

[Image by George Frey, Getty Images]