JoJo Fletcher’s Group Date On ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Sex Talk Only For Mature Audiences

JoJo Fletcher has just started her journey as The Bachelorette on ABC. Right now, JoJo is going on dates and trying to figure out which men are the best for her. Spoilers show that they are still in California and a lot of guys are left trying to win her heart. Us Magazine shared some spoilers about JoJo’s big group date tonight and this one may be one that your children will have to leave the room for if you let them watch the show.

Mike Fleiss has been doing a great job of tweeting during JoJo’s season of the show. He is the producer, but you don’t always hear from Mike. Tonight he shared some details about Fletcher’s group date and this one got a bit TV-MA. He shared that JoJo was on a 12 on 1 date with the guys from this season, but didn’t reveal exactly what JoJo’s date was tonight or how it all went down.


Fleiss has actually shared a few other spoilers about JoJo Fletcher’s season of the show. They are just barely into filming and two of the guys already almost got into a fist fight. No word on who or what it was over, but you know that will show on JoJo’s season. Fletcher has also already kissed at least 4.5 guys during the filming. Now, what that half a kiss is, you will have to guess until you see it on the show.

Reality Steve also went to his Twitter account tonight to share exactly what it is that Fleiss is talking about with JoJo’s date today. All 12 guys on the date had to get up on the stage and tell some kind of sex story. JoJo Fletcher also had to tell one of hers. This might have been pretty hard for them to do, but it sounds like they pulled it off. Steve even teased that he will be spoiling what JoJo’s sexy story is if you want to know before the season starts. He should come out with that tomorrow and remember that Steve is usually right with his spoilers about the show.


On Reality Steve’s blog, he shared a few more details about JoJo’s date before it happened. He already spoiled this before the date ever even happened. They went to something called Sunday Night Sex Talks for the date and it was in Los Angeles. Basically, it sounds like a round table where people sit around and then they chat about sex. This had to be an interesting date and of course, JoJo probably learned a few things that she either liked or didn’t like at all. Talking about sex this early in a relationship is not very normal, but nothing on The Bachelorette ever is so that is not shocking.

JoJo Fletcher wasn’t able to win the heart of Ben Higgins but she now has another chance to find love. It isn’t very often that they bring on the person who was second place on that season, but JoJo was an obvious fan favorite. There had been some talk that Caila might get the job, but that wasn’t the route they decided to go with in the end. Everyone can’t wait to see how JoJo does and if she is able to find love on this season of the show.

Are you excited to see JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette? Are you surprised that they had JoJo do a date like this on her season? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss JoJo on her season when it starts to air in May on ABC.

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