Frances Bean Cobain Files For Divorce From Isaiah Silva, Says She’s ‘Open To Paying Spousal Support’

Frances Bean Cobain has always been a little on the odd side. Her choice in men, her choices in life, and her choice to get married without informing her mother are all things she has been criticized for over the last year or so. Cobain is the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Her father died when Frances Bean was just 2-years-old, and she was estranged from her mother for several years. The two have since reconciled and have been photographed out with one another.

When Frances Bean Cobain decided to marry Isaiah Silva, many were critical of her choice. The two got married in June of 2014, less than two years ago. Cobain maintained that this was what she wanted, and the two seemed to be happy. According to Us Weekly, Frances Bean Cobain filed for divorce from Isaiah Silva. The two have reportedly been separated for almost a month, and her filing is incredibly specific. Frances Bean and Silva were together three years before they decided to get married, but ultimately couldn’t make it work. The couple does not share any children together, which will help move the process along pending they can agree on everything else.

It is unclear whether or not there was a prenuptial agreement signed between Frances Bean Cobain and Isaiah Silva. She is sitting on a hefty some of money, and it is uncertain just how much Silva makes being in the band he belongs to. Cobain has stayed out of the spotlight in recent years, doing her own thing. Being estranged from her mother has been hard on her, and they finally reconciled. Despite all of the ups and downs with the mother and daughter duo, they are forever bonded. Frances Bean only had Courtney Love growing up and without her, she would be lost.

Since the paperwork for the divorce has been filed already, Frances Bean Cobain was able to state her case. She is the one filing, and she made her intentions clear in the wording used. Frances Bean acknowledged that Isaiah Silva had no claim to her late father’s fortune. According to TMZ, Frances Bean Cobain said she would be open to paying spousal support as long as she was not forced to touch her inheritance. It appears that a prenuptial agreement was not in place when Cobain married Isaiah Silva, but it doesn’t appear he plans to fight her either. There are still a lot of things that are unclear with the divorce, especially the reason behind it. Frances Bean and Silva appeared to be very much in love at one point, leaving fans wondering what really happened between the couple.

The divorce isn’t shocking to critics who called Frances Bean Cobain out for excluding her mother from the ceremony. They were estranged at the time she tied the knot with Isaiah Silva. Cobain seems to be making the right decision for herself, regardless of what the reasoning is behind the divorce. It will be interesting to see how the proceedings go down. Because of the fortune Frances Bean has due to her father’s estate, it could get messy. Silva has not publicly talked about the divorce or what he plans to file in response to the initial divorce. Cobain and Silva have no children, so their ties will be broken once the divorce is finalized.

There is still a lot of life to live for Frances Bean Cobain. Despite her troubled upbringing and the loss of her father before she got to know him, things have been seemingly improving for the young starlet. Fans hope that Frances Bean Cobain will be able to move on with little hassle from Isaiah Silva.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]