Lupe Samano Weighed 400 Pounds In 9th Grade, Now On TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life’ [Video]

The TLC show called My 600-lb Life has featured a new woman in need of help because of her obesity. As seen in the below video, 40-year-old Lupe Samano is a 600-pound woman whose bed has become her prison for the past 12 years. Lupe cries as she describes the problems her weight has brought into her life, including diabetes.

Lupe’s problems began as a little girl, when she turned to food to help deal with feelings of pain that bubbled up when her father left their family. As a 5-year-old, Lupe’s food addiction started, and Samano already weighed 100 pounds when she was a 6-year-old. That weight gain continued, with Samano tipping the scale at 400 pounds as a 9th-grader, and kept going until Lupe hit 600 pounds.

According to the Daily Mail, Lupe experienced kidney failure because of her weight, and she spoke of her weight smothering her in bed. Lupe’s husband Gilbert can be seen in the video, taking care of his wife’s every need — including cleaning her backside and turning her over in bed when needed.

Hailing from San Bernadino, California, the couple is making a desperate move to Houston in order to save both their marriage and Lupe’s life.

The 600 pounds placed Lupe in a coma, reports People, and upon leaving the hospital that she walked into, Lupe could no longer walk out. She and her husband were featured on the episode of TLC’s My 600-lb Life that aired on Wednesday, March 23, with viewers hoping that Lupe can return to a normal weight, similar to the BMI that she once enjoyed many years ago.

Lupe not only experienced her dad leaving their family when she was only 5, she also lived through her mother having a nervous breakdown, a drug addiction, an attempt to kill herself and imprisonment. Lupe looked back on those days, prior to when her dad left the family, and saw how her emotions changed.

“I was a little chunky but I was healthy and happy. I felt like I had a normal family and then everything changed.”

Without warning, Lupe’s dad abandoned Lupe and her sister, Maria — in of all places, the bathtub.

“When I was five my dad left. I remember it to this day. He put us in the bath tub. After three to four hours my sister got out and I waited in the bath tub eight hours then I noticed he wasn’t coming back. I felt like my dad abandoned me and broke my heart and that’s when I remember starting to go to food to feel better. I miss him so much I wanted him, I would just start eating and eating.”

Lupe’s sister Maria remembered seeing her older sister stealing away with food into her room after their dad abandoned the family. When their mom was sent to prison — and Lupe and Maria were sent to live with their grandmother — the food addiction built up once more. Their grandmother died, and once again, Lupe said that it felt like her entire world was going down the drain. She continued to overeat, relying on food to try and soothe her feelings.

“Food was the only thing I could rely on. I felt like food was always there for me, no matter what I was going through because I didn’t have anyone. After my dad left my mom had a nervous breakdown, tried to commit suicide and she started using drugs and when I was eight my mom went to prison.”

Obviously, food wasn’t the answer for Lupe, and as such, she is seeking a real solution to her obesity.


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