Little Mix Shoot New Video As JAGMAC, Nathan Sykes, Joey DeVries Join Get Weird Tour

The world of Little Mix is an ongoing party as they continue their Get Weird Tour, but it does not mean that there are not some darker moments.

Although they have been getting shade about their tour costumes, these occasional bumps in the road only seem to make Little Mix grow stronger. On top of everything, Little Mix is also adding more fun to their tour with opening acts.

Little Mix announced in the past that Joey DeVries would be added to their tour, but in the meantime, The Wanted’s Nathan Sykes is going to be performing with them starting with their Aberdeen, Scotland, U.K. concert date on April 11 and 12, according to the Evening Express.

Interestingly, Nathan Sykes intended to play the Glasgow, Scotland, tour date with Little Mix, but Just Jared reports he had to cancel and had Lawson go in his place.

Was Little Mix honoring JAGMAC with their stick dance at the Brit Awards
Was Little Mix having a premonition about JACMAC’s legendary Eskrima skills by dancing with sticks at the Brit Awards? (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Adding to this, Little Mix is also having JAGMAC jump on board the Get Weird Tour as an opening act.

SugarScape reports on March 23 that Little Mix are excited to invite them and JAGMAC indicated that things might “get weird” because some or all of them are “black belts in Tae Kwon Do and world champions in a Filipino martial arts called Eskrima which is stick fighting.”

Could this explain why Little Mix used sticks in their dance routine for the 2016 Brit Awards as described by Billboard? Whether or not Little Mix is collaborating with JAGMAC to work on their Eskrima moves, they are helping JAGMAC launch their next album. Maximum Pop says that after JAGMAC tours with Little Mix that they will be releasing their new album So Good in May.

Little Mix are also giving fans another video for a song that has not been announced yet, according to SugarScape. However, they are teasing fans on social media with pictures of Little Mix hanging out on the set during the video shoot.

When Little Mix goes to Sheffield on April 2, Joey DeVries will be added to “the second half” of their U.K. tour, according to a previous report by The Inquisitr. We Talk To gives Joey DeVries’ complete tour schedule with Little Mix and shows he follows them until April 23.

Of course, Little Mix still has a long tour ahead of them, and their last show in the U.K. will be on April 23 in Sheffield. According to their website, Little Mix will continue their Get Weird Tour on May 12 in Brisbane, Australia.

Meanwhile, Little Mix continues to amaze crowds throughout their home country of the U.K.

Little Mix will be touring until almost September
Little Mix will be on tour until August 27. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

For instance, Little Mix’s performance in Liverpool knocked the socks off of fans, and published reviews detail the incidents that caused such a positive reaction from fans.

Liverpool Echo‘s review of Little Mix’s latest concert from March 23 says that there are 12 tweets from fans that prove Little Mix “smashed it” and one fan stated the following.

“@LittleMix so proud to call myself a Mixer! Youse were AMAZING tonight in Liverpool! Best night I’ve ever had! Lots of love.”

Hopefully, the focus on their talent and not the brevity of their costumes will continue to follow Little Mix on tour. The Mirror reports that Little Mix dealt with backlash due to the brief nature of the costumes they were wearing on their Get Weird Tour. Little Mix immediately defended their stage outfits used for choreography as “comfortable” instead of “sexy.”

Now, the ladies of Little Mix are showing off their athletic strength in “cut-out leotards” at their Cardiff concert. It is alleged that perhaps Little Mix were showing off because Perrie Edwards’ ex, Zayn Malik, may have been throwing them shade on Twitter about their stage costumes — but he has since denied those implications.

[Picture by Ian Gavan/Getty Images]