Liam Hemsworth And Miley Cyrus Break Up Over Miley's 'Sexting With Ex'

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth had it all, but unfortunately that wasn't enough for Miley. According to Hollywood Life, the 23-year-old singer wasn't content with her engagement to the gorgeous hunk Liam. Cyrus was looking for more, despite the reality that her fiance was, for female fans, more like a dream come true than like an ordinary boyfriend. But Miley "just can't be tamed," and preferred to "ruin her relationship with Liam" rather than behave herself.

Cyrus couldn't resist carrying on an on-the-side relationship with a "particularly hot ex," and Liam decided it just wasn't worth it anymore. Hemsworth, 26, finally gave up on Cyrus when he discovered that she was sexting with her ex, Stella Maxwell.

According to In Touch Weekly, Liam and Miley have been on the outs for a while, even though they've only been together again for three months. The couple have always had a rocky romance, with constant break-ups and reunions.
Before the sexting incident, Liam was "so annoyed" with Miley because her smoking addiction made the entire house "reek of weed." Fashion & Style reports that Hemsworth tried to get her to quit, and warned her that her "excessive" marijuana use was making him "crazy." But Miley laughed it off and deliberately posted a photo to Instagram that showed the "Wrecking Ball" singer with "a blunt in her mouth." The source said that made things so much worse that it nearly broke them up right then and there.
"They recently had a huge fight."
The couple brushed through that fight, and stayed together, until Miley's big sexting mistake. It's always a good idea to double-check before tapping send for any text, but if you're planning to send off an NSFW super sexy photo of yourself, you want to make very sure it's going to the right person. Miley sent her sext to the wrong person.
"Miley accidentally sent a sext that was clearly meant for Stella Maxwell to Liam."
After that, there was just nothing Miley could do to win back Liam's trust. A source said that Cyrus "immediately apologized," but that didn't convince Liam to forgive her.

It turns out that Miley and Stella have been secretly meeting, and although Miley tried to explain to Liam that "it was just innocent flirting," and even swore she was telling the truth, it didn't work. Liam might have needed a catalyst to finally take the step of breaking off the engagement, or maybe he draws the line at secret flirting. Either way, he is done.

"Liam didn't believe her. They fought and he told her to take the ring off. After only a few months of being back together, it's already coming to an end."
The whole situation is especially disturbing for Hemsworth since he was cautious about getting back together with Miley after their big break-up back in 2012. He knew what he was getting into and didn't want things to go bad again. Miley put a lot of effort into showing Liam that she could be trusted, and was ready to be in a serious lasting relationship.
"She promised to do whatever it takes to get [Liam] back."
For the last three months, it looked like Miley meant it. She seemed to be giving it her all, and issues like her addiction to weed were just bumps in the road that Cyrus and Hemsworth navigated successfully. The cheating, and lying about Stella was more than a bump and really wrecked what little trust Liam had in Miley.
"But she's been sexting Stella for a few weeks. They stay up all night sending messages, They have a really strong connection. She swore to Liam that she cut those people out of her life to be with him, but that never happened."
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