Miranda Lambert, Anderson East Get Serious As She Meets His Parents

Miranda Lambert is moving on and has a new boyfriend since her big split from Blake Shelton. Now, the news is out that things are really heating up for Miranda and her boyfriend, Anderson East. This is not just casual dating for her. Us Magazine shared the news that Miranda just took the next big step in their relationship by meeting his parents.


This actually happened in early January, but Miranda Lambert was able to keep the news quiet until now. A source finally came out with the details. Anderson East’s family is from Alabama, and Miranda got the chance to meet them. They all got along really well too, from what a source revealed. On January 9, Miranda and Anderson bought wine at a place near his parents, so you have to wonder if this was the gift that Miranda showed up at the door with when she got the chance to meet them. It is unknown if they have been around each other since, but Miranda won the parents over, and that is great for her.


The insider went on to share that everyone loves Miranda Lambert and Anderson East together. It does sound like these two are really happy together. The source went on to explain that Miranda really likes being able to go out in Nashville.

“She and Anderson go out in Nashville and nobody bothers them. She could have never done that with Blake. It’s a much calmer, quieter relationship and she’s really happy. She thinks he’s cool and brilliant.”

Of course, when Miranda Lambert was married to Blake Shelton, everyone recognized them together. They were a great looking couple, and fans were excited to see them out in public. Anderson is also a singer, but he isn’t as recognized by fans as Blake was, so this has to make things easier on Miranda. Plus, the fact that Anderson doesn’t sing country music may also give the couple some additional privacy.

Besides staying busy with her new boyfriend, Miranda Lambert has been very busy with her new line of dog accessories. Country Weekly shared the details about Miranda Lambert’s new Muttnation Line. This line will have a ton of great stuff, including chew toys, bedding, collars, leashes, and watering and feeding accessories. They will also have six plush puppies and even more. There will be some great toys for the dogs that will make you think of Miranda Lambert, considering that they look like musical instruments. The products were rolled out in March, and Miranda Lambert gave a statement about her new line.

“The creation of MuttNation is a dream come true. It’s an extension of me and my mom’s love for all dogs and our goal of helping every dog find a happy, loving home. We are beyond thrilled to have Petmate as a committed and trustworthy partner that shares that same vision. There are millions of beautiful dogs looking for homes and it is our hope that in addition to raising money, we will raise awareness to the joy of adopting a shelter pet.”

Are you shocked to hear that Miranda Lambert is really heating things up with her boyfriend? Do you think Miranda has found her perfect match? Blake seems to be moving on just fine with Gwen Stefani, so it is great to know that Miranda is doing the same thing. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about Miranda and her new man.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for City Winery]