‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Latest DLC Now Live On Xbox One, PS4, Join The Thieves Guild Today

Taking anything that is not nailed down and pickpocketing the locals is a rather common hobby in The Elder Scrolls Online. Since the Justice System was introduced last year, players have been utilizing Outlaw’s Refuges to fence stolen items for a little extra gold. Today, players across all platforms can now join the iconic Thieves Guild with the release of the Thieves Guild DLC out now.

Although previously released on the PC, the Thieves Guild DLC is now live on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, according to the official website. Console owners can now purchase the DLC for 2,000 Crowns to gain permanent access to everything it offers or subscribe to the game and get the major DLCs as part of their subscription. Either way, players with access to the new DLC can head to the new Hammerfell location to start their journey. Be sure to pick up the Jackal pet, a loyalty reward for playing the Thieves Guild DLC. Even if a subscription lapses and a player loses access to the DLC that way, items from the DLC will be retained.

The Elder Scrolls Online Colorful locals in the new areas of the DLC [Image via Bethesda]The Elder Scrolls Online players can start the DLC by accepting the “Partners in Crime” quest from DLC Collections menu or by visiting Quen in an Outlaw’s Refuge. Fast travel is available to the new city of Abah’s Landing in Hew’s Bane via the game’s Wayshrine system. Quen will appear to players traveling first to the new zone to offer the quest that way as well. Once in Hew’s Bane, players will have the opportunity to join the Thieves Guild, earn new passive skills exclusive to the guild, and embark on repeatable quests as part of the Larceny System.

A new 12-player Trial, two new delves, two new world bosses, the Outlaw crafting motif, and much more are part of the Thieves Guild DLC according to Bethesda. The DLC’s arrival on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 also accompanies the base game patch made available to all players. The main features of the base game patch include an improved Grouping Tool letting players group across factions and letting them earn more experience for completing dungeons this way. Xbox One players can check out their official patch notes here and expect a 13 GB download before playing The Elder Scrolls Online. PlayStation 4 owners can view their specific patch notes on the forums here and plan to download 11 GB for the update.

The Elder Scrolls Online The Jackal pet players receive for starting the DLC [Image via Bethesda]Alongside the Thieves Guild DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online and its base patch for all players, a number of new Crown Store items are also available during the month of March. As The Inquisitr reported, new costumes, pets, mounts, and other handy items are available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with the release of the new DLC. For instance, players can pick up the Pirate Costume Pack for 700 Crowns, the new Hammerfell Camel mount for 1800 Crowns, or adopt a Kindlespit Dragon Frog pet for 700 Crowns. Not to mention, the new Mercenary crafting motif and the Crown Mimic Stone item are also both available. The former gives crafters a new style to create while the latter makes it easier to craft certain motifs in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Although most of this month’s Crown Store stock is out now, a few more additions are coming before the month ends. The Thieves Guild DLC introduced Assistants to the game and The Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store is about to offer a few more for purchase. An Assistant that grants players access to their bank and one that acts like a normal merchant will be in the Crown Store on March 31. While only one Assistant can be out at a time, a whole party can access their services while they are summoned.

[Image via Bethesda]