Kim Kardashian Bikini Photos – Proudly Admits She Doesn’t Count Calories

Kim Kardashian proudly showed off her bikini body and shared her fitness secrets with other women eager to boast a beach ready physique via Twitter. Kim Kardashian, 31, does not “count calories” and encourages others to “not spend their lives worrying” about such tedious matters, the Daily Mail reports.

The reality show star posted photos of herself wearing a purple bikini on Twitter and revealed her diet and workout routine as well. Kim Kardashian informed her Twitter followers that she used to eat a “ton of junk food” but a lot of fast food places now offer healthy options, erasing the excuse for piling on the carbs while on the go.

“Although, when I go out for diner, I eat what I want. You can’t spend your life worrying about calories,” Kim Kardashian posted on Twitter.

Earlier this week Kim Kardashian tweeted that she was back in workout mode, after taking some grief over her derriere and allegedly expanding figure. The Kim Kardashian bikini photos posted yesterday have not been enhanced via photoshop, the “Keeping Up With The Karsashians” star notes.

Kim Kardashian’s sister Khloe Kardashian came to her sibling’s defense on Twitter – ” Still get disgusted by how people judge others by weight. Either ‘fat’ or ‘skinny’. Nothing is ever good enough.”

Kardashian’s boyfriend Kanye West is reportedly thrilled with the reality show star’s curves. During a recent interview with OK Magazine Kanye West noted he has always supported his girlfriend and wants her to “be happy and healthy” and not give in to peer pressure. In reference to the negative comments about Kim’s weight, Kanye West emphatically commented he does not think she should lose weight, according to interview excerpts republished by Hollywood Life.


Kim Kardashian’s bikini photo posts display to the world not only the television star’s well-toned body but healthy lifestyle advice for the benefit of her young female fans also struggling positive body image issues.