Frank Sinatra’s New York Penthouse For Sale For $7.7 Million

Frank Sinatra’s New York penthouse is for sale, and anyone with close to $8 million to spare can own a piece of Rat Pack history.

The duplex on East 72nd Street was home to Frank Sinatra between 1961 and 1972, and played host to some pretty wild parties for Frank and his famous friends, CBS New York reported. Frank Sinatra’s New York penthouse is a lavish setting, with four bedrooms, a whopping six bathrooms and a massive wrap-around terrace where the Rat Pack gatherings took place.

“This terrace has hosted many parties,” Jason Haber, CEO of Rubicon Property, told CBS New York. “There’s a story about Sammy Davis, Jr. throwing champagne glasses off the terrace, landing right on the FDR Drive.”

Frank Sinatra’s New York penthouse played host to more than just the Rat Pack, The Jersey Journal reported. The 3,000-square-foot space also hosted former party guests that including President John F. Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol. The apartment was also where Sinatra met, married and eventually divorced actress Mia Farrow.

“The apartment has been modernized, but it is still set up for someone with that Rat Pack mentality,’’ Haber, broker for Frank Sinatra’s penthouse, told the New York Post. “It is really for someone who wants to entertain, to have people over, to have dinner parties.”

The penthouse has sweeping views of the East River as well as a clear view to the waterfront park that bear’s Frank Sinatra’s name.

Since Frank Sinatra moved out, his New York penthouse has been completely remodeled. But a picture of Sinatra remains hanging in the living room as a remind of the famous former tenant.

“That photograph was found during the renovation,” Haber said. “We preserved it and put it on the wall in this apartment in the exact same spot where Sinatra had it.”

Frank Sinatra’s New York penthouse is for sale for a cool $7.7 million.