Does Spring Bring More Aliens To Earth? Increasing Numbers Of UFOs Spotted, Say Believers

An increase in the number of UFO sightings and supposed extraterrestrial communities has alien aficionados claiming the spring equinox is attracting non-human visitors from space.

A growing number of online communities that claim to represent alien beings who evolved from humans say the spring season is the focal point for people ascending to a higher plane of existence, reports the Express.

“Changes are taking place so rapidly now, many are not able to even recognize the changes yet. During the spring equinox we burst forth in all new beginnings.”

Meanwhile, an increase in UFO sightings over Mexico and a United States plan to build offensive space weaponry has some alien aficionados worried an interstellar war is brewing.

In Argentina, a secluded group claims to represent the alien race of Pleiadians who traveled to Earth from a star cluster 400 light-years away in the Taurus constellation, reports the Express.

“The Pleiadians are known as Nordic aliens and are humanoid-like aliens that come from the stellar systems surrounding the Pleiades stars. They are very concerned about Earth and our future.”

The Pleiadians have spread far and wide across the face of the Earth and are now represented by groups from South America to Canada.


Some UFO aficionados believe Native Americans are descendants of the alien Pleiadian race who traveled to Earth from the planet Erra. The Pleiadians themselves are said to have descended from an older race of extraterrestrial beings from the planet Lyra in a galaxy outside our own Milky Way.

One of the alien leaders on Earth, L’Aura Pleiadian, claims to have once been a resident of the lost city of Atlantis and says she can help humans ascend to the higher dimension, according to her website

“As the Momentum increases, the integration also, takes place on many levels of awareness and throughout all incarnations.”

The spring equinox, which occurred Sunday, March 20, is said to open a door and allow a connection to alternate realities.


Another online group claims to act as a conduit between humans on Earth and the Pleiadans and claims they can contact the aliens by summoning the spirit of Laarkmaa, the energy of love, according to their website

“It is time for humans to step into planetary and galactic responsibility.”

Although the alien communities claim to represent peaceful groups of extraterrestrials, the United States seems to be preparing for a possible interstellar conflict and has devoted some $2 billion to space defense this year.

The United States authorized the Pentagon to develop space control measures to protect its national interests; this often implies offensive capabilities in space, U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter told SpaceNews.

“While there is much more work ahead, we are on a good path in our efforts to complicate an adversary’s ability to defeat our systems while also enhancing our ability to identify, attribute, and negate all threatening actions in space.”


The increase in alien sightings comes as the UFO community is questioning whether NASA astronaut Scott Kelly just covertly admitted to seeing aliens during his year in space.

During an exit interview, Kelly joked about reconditioning his body to gravity after spending so long in space and questioned whether aliens had an easier time adapting than he did. That interview sent the internet into a tailspin and sparked rampant speculation among UFO aficionados.

What do you think? Do aliens exist, and if they’re real, do they walk among us?

[Photo by ESA/Getty Images]