WWE Rumors: World Wrestling Entertainment Did Not Sign Kurt Angle Because Of Drinking

WWE rumors have been swirling around Kurt Angle. Last year, the former world heavyweight champion informed the public that he would not be signing another contract with TNA when his latest deal expires. Angle made sure to tell the fans that he was not completely retiring from professional wrestling. That led to a storm of speculations regarding his future in the business. Many were hoping for a return to World Wrestling Entertainment. According to Wrestling Inc., Angle feels that the return didn’t happen because of his drinking issues.

When asked recently during an interview about a potential return to WWE, Kurt Angle acknowledged and confirmed that the two sides have met for negotiations. None of the meetings ended up with a new contract being signed. That led the internet wrestling community to speculate on the possible reasons why World Wrestling Entertainment would not bring someone as talented and popular as Angle back into the fold.

Triple H [Image via WWE]

Many were under the impression that Kurt Angle and Triple H have backstage issues that are still lingering. Despite not being in the same company for years now, HHH still harbors ill will towards Angle. The two of them were considered rivals back when Kurt was wrestling for WWE and Hunter was a full-time performer. Often times in the business, when you are rivals on screen, you develop a bit of a rivalry backstage as well.

This might not actually be the case. Kurt Angle has been complimentary of Triple H when asked about his former rival. The fact that he’s willing to be in the same company again shows that he doesn’t have a ton of resentment towards HHH. On the flip side, Hunter has changed quite a bit since becoming more involved backstage. He now holds the position of vice president in World Wrestling Entertainment, so he’s going to do what is best for business, such as signing popular performers to appease the fan base.

Vince McMahon [Image via WWE]

Others believed that Kurt Angle was not healthy enough to work for WWE again. Since concussions have become a major issue in the world of sports, management has had to take extra precautions toward the well-being of their performers. World Wrestling Entertainment was even hit with a couple of lawsuits from former performers who claim that they were severely injured while working for the company. Angle has suffered a multitude of injuries over the years.

The majority of fans who believe that Kurt Angle is not healthy enough for WWE have never seen his medical charts. Most aren’t qualified physicians. Many can’t even name all of the injuries that Angle has suffered over the years. World Wrestling Entertainment has never mentioned health issues with Kurt when asked about bringing him back on board.

Roman Reigns [Image via WWE]

During an interview with The World According to Wrestling, Kurt Angle revealed that he had been arrested four times during a five-year stretch. The reasons for those arrests were because he had a tendency to drive after drinking. TNA helped Angle get to a rehabilitation facility. According to Kurt, he has cleaned up since then. However, the arrest records are still there. Since WWE is a publicly held corporation, Angle feels that their public relations department would be against his return to the company.

Whatever the reasons behind WWE not bringing back Kurt Angle, it’s a shame. The internet wrestling community has been yearning the move for years. Lots of dream matches could take place. Plus, World Wrestling Entertainment is in desperate need of star power and main event level performers. Angle is still one of the best in the game, so fans are missing out.

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