Google Photos Introduces Smarter Albums For Displaying User Photos And Automatically Creating Albums

Google has been updating all of its personal and business tools and adding new features to them. The latest updates came to Google Photos as Google introduced a new feature that makes it easier for users to create albums out of their photos.

Wired reported that Google Photos now builds the perfect vacation albums for those who love to travel, and it does it automatically. Although only 10-months-old, Google Photos already has about 100 million users. The attraction for many of these users is how the online tool collects and organizes photos into groups. It allows users to collect photos by people or objects, and then backs up the photos automatically so that they can be retrieved from any device that the user has the app installed on.

A top feature of Google Photos is Assistant. What this tool does is sift through all of the user’s photos and take care of tedious tasks like sorting the images and stitching together collages as well as suggesting edits and enhancements to all the user’s photos. The latest task given to Assistant now is to automatically create albums of user’s photos. It automatically selects a user’s best shots too, making those photos easier to locate.

As previously reported in The Inquisitr, Google previously updated Google Photos when it introduced unlimited storage for users and got rid of the advanced editing tools that users struggled to use. Photos is also a standalone tool now and has been separated from Google’s social site, Google Plus. The new editing tools that Google introduced into Photos make it easier for users because they work in any browser and through mobile apps too, giving users access to their photos on any device where they have the application installed.

Other features that Assistant will offer include charting trips on a map recognizing and tagging famous places in a frame. Assistance albums are a souped up version of Stories, and it creates pan and scan montages of related photos. Albums will now be replacing the Stories feature of Google Photos. Google Photos product manager Francois de Halleux explained how Google Photos chooses the best photos.

“We use a lot of machine learning to detect the elements in a photo that make it of better quality than another. We also eliminate duplicates.”

Tech Times further explained how the new features for Google Photos works. One of the features is the Live Photos for the iOS app. Google will not only suggest the best photos for users, it will suggest photos for complete albums and assemble them. The map feature will show the route that the user took when taking the photos. Location pins will appear on attached maps, and it will help users remember where they took the photos.

Assistant can actually create GIFs for users, as well as allow users to add text captions to all their photos and albums. It will also help users by showing automatically which photos are duplicates. Not only is the service available through an app for iOS, it’s also available for Android and through the web too, so users can upload and edit photos regardless of what device they are using. As Google continues to add new features to Google Photos, it will become a more robust product, allowing it to compete with other services that aren’t usually free.

[Photo by Pixabay]