Selena Gomez Flirts With Hot Mystery Man At Priscilla DeLeon’s Engagement Party

When Selena Gomez headed to her cousin’s engagement party in Fort Worth, she may have had one particular guest in mind. Selena’s cousin, Priscilla DeLeon, was the subject of a “surprise engagement party,” and Selena arrived ready to have a good time! No sooner did the evening kick off than Gomez found someone to “set her sights on” for the rest of the shindig and perhaps to totally take her mind off Justin Bieber.


At one point, Selena was having so much fun that she hopped onto the bar to dance for the special “hottie” who caught her eye. An insider spoke to Hollywood Life to describe some of Selena’s attitude during her night with the mystery hot guy.


“Selena looked absolutely gorgeous. She was very polite and friendly to everyone. She seemed to be enjoying the company of a handsome young man. They were pretty much together the whole time, along with the other people in their party. They danced. Everyone had a fun time.”

Selena was definitely enjoying the handsome young man’s company, so much so that she “didn’t leave his side all night.”


Since Gomez was the party planner, along with DeLeon’s fiance, Jay Cosme, it would have been more usual if she’d spent some time checking on supplies and mingling with the other guests. But the mystery man was too charismatic, and Selena kept on flirting with him except when she table danced.


Fortunately, the important part of the evening took place early on, when DeLeon stepped off the elevator. Party planner Selena had it all mapped out, and her cousin’s fiance was waiting the moment the elevator doors opened. Priscilla was “totally shocked” when the first thing she saw was Jay Cosme. She had no idea she was going to her own engagement party because Selena kept the secret so well. Jay “got down on one knee” and immediately presented a diamond ring to Priscilla.

Hello magazine reports that Selena did such a great job of helping with her cousin’s romance that both Priscilla and Jay took to Instagram to voice their thanks.

“When your maid of honor plans your engagement you get exactly what you dreamed of.”

Looks like Selena earned the right to a bit of distraction with the new guy. It’s too bad she can’t work out her own romance as well as Priscilla’s, though. Selena and Justin Bieber are still in touch and still “texting and talking,” according to a source who’s in the know. Justin won’t leave her alone to get on with a new romance, and Selena just can’t resist Justin.

“It has all been initiated by Justin. He likes going back to the well to keep her in his life. He doesn’t like it when she is about to move on and he has a sixth sense when that is happening; he keeps stringing her along. And she just can’t get over him. It’s like an addiction between the two.”

Selena did skip Bieber’s concert so that she could be at Priscilla’s party, even though Justin tried to influence her by posting a “throwback picture” of Selena and Justin kissing. According to the Daily Mail, Bieber posted the photo the day before Selena headed to Texas.


Selena’s fans will be happy if she can find happiness after Justin. Bieber has been such a big part of Gomez’s life that it’s proving difficult for her to move on.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]