Perrie Edwards: Does New Instagram Post Point At Zayn Malik Comments?

Perrie Edwards posted a picture of herself in which she looks all made up but she has captioned it rather cryptically: “Looking like a dead corpse” the caption said. It it sheer coincidence, or does it come after Zayn Malik’s confession that she “fell out of love” with the Little Mix singer? It isn’t known what prompted Perrie to post this picture, but the connection between the picture and Zayn’s comments can’t be ignored.

The Inquisitr reported that the former One Direction star told Complex magazine how he may have fallen out of love with Perrie Edwards. Zayn did not fail to give his philosophical take on how there is a lot of falling in and out of love between two people. “There’s a lot of falling in love and a lot of falling out of love. It’s probably 60/40, falling out of love.”

Perrie Edwards’ ex boyfriend says, “If you’re in a really good place, you can write a really good, upbeat song. When you’re in a s**t place you can write a downbeat f**king ballad! That’s just the way it is.”

However, it’s not just Zayn who seems not to be forgetting his ex, Perrie Edwards, has dropped enough hints on social media to indicate that she hasn’t really gotten over her ex.

Some time ago, Perrie had posted a picture that had her wearing a vintage ensemble, her nose ring, and a black choker. The photograph was captioned: “If I could go back in time…” Well, that was three weeks ago, and it’s not certain whether Perrie was talking about her past with Zayn Malik.

She even posted that she should “stay away from fire” after a mishap which burned her hand. Was the reference to the fire really to her burned hand, or to Zayn Malik? “So today I had an accident… and by accident I mean i accidentally set myself on fire. The pilot light on my boiler blew up and it set my arm/hand on fire. Not a pleasant experience. ‘I’m in pain, full of blisters, there’s not one hair left on my hand or arm, and it burned the sleeve of my favourite jumper. f***ing nightmare. A little advice from me… STAY AWAY FROM FIRE!,” the Daily Mail has reported. Well, it’s not clear what Perrie really meant here!

Perrie has seen a lot of hate from Zayn Malik lovers and there was a time when she had to turn off tags on Instagram just to keep certain kind of people away, the Inquisitr reported.

The Instagram picture in question had Perrie or someone with a guitar in hand. Perrie captioned the picture: “I could play all night????????” It seemed like the caption was a direct reference to a post Zayn had made.


Now, are we reading too much into it, or does it seem that the two can’t get over each other at all? Perrie Edwards had also put up a throwback picture in bikini right around the time Zayn posted a picture of himself cuddling with girlfriend Gigi Hadid. Perrie had captioned the picture: “Throwback.” It seems like Perrie doesn’t mind going back to the old times now and then. But, do you think that may affect Zayn’s relationship with supermodel Gigi Hadid?

Perrie was engaged to the former One Direction band member, but they broke up soon after. “I’d like to apologize to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart. I am leaving because I want to be a normal 22-year-old who is able to relax and have some private time out of the spotlight,” Perrie Edwards’ ex-boyfriend of the time had said.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]