WWE News: WWE Superstar Randy Orton Returning From Injury Next Month

WWE has suffered through a number of injuries over the last year. They have lost so many top stars, from up and coming favorites like Cesaro and Seth Rollins to long term top guys in John Cena and Randy Orton. All were missed and all were terrible losses for WWE. They came at a terrible time: the run-up to WrestleMania. It was unknown when most were going to be back as well. That left us wondering when some of the biggest stars in WWE would return and take part in major storylines.

Now WWE has suffered yet another loss in Luke Harper from The Wyatt Family. The hope was that at least if guys were going to get hurt, we would see them tag out to have a return in their place. That seems to be the plan, as Cesaro was announced to return next month already. Now it appears Randy Orton will soon be following him. According to SEScoops, Randy Orton is set to make his return in late April or early May.

The idea is that he could return closer to the next PPV, which would allow WWE to have yet another major star to use. Orton is set to take part in the VIP WrestleMania Axxess next week and will be signing autographs and talking with fans. On top that, he is scheduled for the Middle East Film & Comic Con in Dubai from April 7 to April 9, which means he very well could be part of some of WWE’s European Tour, which takes place around this time.

Orton WM

It wouldn’t be a long trip. WWE will be in Europe on April 13, so Randy Orton could very well make his return when they are there, especially when they’ll be in Italy on the tour for WWE Live on that night. Of course, he could always just do the Comic Con and go home, then wait for WWE to get back to the states before he makes his actual return. If he does come back in late April as projected, then the latter would make sense.

WWE would like to have people on the European Tour, even if they just did promos for a while. Cesaro, for example, is making his return to the ring during the tour, but he very well could make an official WWE return on the WWE RAW following WrestleMania, which would potentially allow him just to be a week or so early for the European Tour. Orton could always return the night after WrestleMania as well, but he would strictly do promos.

Orton RAW

He has been out of action truly since October, however, he was doing minor work in late September. This was due to yet another shoulder injury, but it was unknown how long he would be out at the time. There were various rumors regarding how he suffered the injury. Ranging from the crazy one of him hurting himself taking out the trash to the more believable in-ring injury. However, nothing was known.

Rumors of a surgery were present, which made the timetable almost impossible to know. However, Randy Orton did not go through with one and instead chose to rehab on his own. Some fans believe he could have even returned before now, but, of course, without medical clearance, that simply wasn’t going to happen. Could we still see Orton make an appearance at WrestleMania 32? It is possible. We should not expect to see him in a match, though, as that seems to be a month or so away at the least. Orton being back soon is a big thing for WWE, so we don’t want to push it.

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