Katie Holmes And Suri Cruise Attend March Madness Game In New York

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise were spotted at a March Madness basketball game on Sunday in New York. The two looked exactly alike as they sat in the stands watching the game.

E! News reports that the mother-daughter duo enjoyed their Sunday night together in Brooklyn at a college basketball championship game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks at the Barclays Center. Nine-year-old Suri was wearing a powder pink puff jacket with a matching layered pink T-shirt and collar. She appeared focused as the NCAA tournament played out. Notre Dame narrowly beat the Texas team by just one point.

At one point, Katie looked tired and shut her eyes momentarily. Suri also needed to grab a bit of shut-eye when she was seen using her mom’s lap as a pillow.

It’s easy to see that Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise are mother and daughter with their long brunette hair and same facial features. The 37-year-old actress and her daughter weren’t seen with any other famous faces. There was no hint of the ring on Holmes’ left hand that was all the talk a few weeks ago. Several rumors claimed that Holmes was secretly engaged to actor Jamie Foxx, but the pair aren’t headed to the altar. They’re just good friends who enjoy getting together on certain occasions.

Katie Holmes is often seen with her daughter at outings that are reported on periodically. In December, she was seen meeting Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, when Katie posted an Instagram photo of her support for the Democratic presidential front-runner.

“She’s a sophisticated little girl,” Holmes told ET of her daughter.

It wasn’t apparent which team at the March Madness game Katie and Suri were rooting for, but a source said to be close to Holmes explained that “she had family in town and went to the games with them.”

ET theorizes that Holmes may have a connection to the Notre Dame Academy in Toledo, Ohio, which she attended growing up.

Suri has been raised in New York City, but her mother says they surprisingly live a fairly normal life.

“I’m a normal person and I do walk around,” Holmes told Ocean Drive magazine. “If you’re having a bad day, you just take a walk, and it’s not only that you see people who are having a worse day than you, it’s just that you’re in life. You suddenly can’t be stuck in whatever problem you’re in because you have to hail a cab or you have to get a subway ticket. There’s more than just you and I think the harsh winters give you a little bit of character.”

Holmes goes on to reveal that of all the roles she’s played in Hollywood films, the role of mom is the most significant.

“[Motherhood] changes you completely in such amazing ways, and I think that you become who you were meant to be,” she continued. “Being a parent also is a source of inspiration to just work really hard. You want to set an example—and, you know, [your kids] are what drives you.”

As Suri Cruise gets older, it’s obvious how much she looks like her mother. Katie involves her daughter in as many activities as she can, and her daughter seems to be a natural at handling publicity. Will the daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes follow in their footsteps and become a Hollywood star herself?

[Photo by Elsa/Getty Images]