March 23, 2016
'The Bachelor' Cast-Off Caila Quinn Heading To 'Bachelor In Paradise,' Who Else Will Join Her?

In the final episode of TheBachelor, fans watched as Lauren Bushnell won over the heart of Ben Higgins, leaving JoJo Fletcher, Caila Quinn, and Becca Tilley, behind as he begins his life with Lauren. But what about those other women? Do they return to their day job as if they had never left? Of course not!

As most fans already know by now, JoJo Fletcher was named the next Bachelorette, edging out fan favorite Caila Quinn for ABC's next hottest show. As such, Fletcher has is already hard at work eliminating men. But that still leaves Caila Quinn and Becca Tilley empty handed -- or does it?

Many thought Fletcher's spot as the next Bachelorette should've gone to Caila or Becca, but even though they missed out on the show, another gig is calling their name.

Becca Tilley [Image via ABC]
Becca Tilley [Image via ABC]According to WetPaint, Caila and Becca will be featured on another ABC show this summer … Season 3 of the Bachelor in Paradise. The 24-year-old Caila, who got snubbed last minute as the next Bachelorette, packed up and moved to NYC recently. She's also been active on social media, using her Instagram account to keep fans updated.

"Do you ever have that 'what's next for my life' feeling?" Caila wrote in the caption of a selfie. "You're at a crossroads of opportunity. Both excited and terrified.. making decisions to move forward, follow passions, and take risks... know that - you can do this. You are capable. Find confidence by surrounding yourself with good people; they will remind you of what really matters."

Was this a comment about possibly heading south for Bachelor in Paradise? Only time will tell, but blogger Reality Steve says that Caila will "absolutely" be on site when filming begins early this summer.

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Caila Quinn on 'Women Tell All' [Image via ABC]But for now, StarPulse reports that Caila is simply enjoying the Big Apple and her post-bachelor life. She's moved into a new apartment, and also shared with fans about a new job lined up.

As for Becca, the past two years have been rough for her. She made appearances on the last two seasons of The Bachelor, but walked away rejected both times. She also has failed to be nominated as the next Bachelorette, which was surprising to fans, since she has the strongest social media presence of all of this year's ladies.

Becca Tilley and Ben Higgins [Image via ABC]
Becca Tilley and Ben Higgins [Image via ABC]While Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss didn't choose Becca as the next Bachelorette, he did answer fans who wished Becca could be a consolation prize or be featured on another TV show. Fleiss said "Deal."

With Bachelor in Paradise right around the corner, fans can only hope the TV show that Fleiss has made a deal on is located in a warm tropical region and not an entirely different show. But either way, at least Becca didn't leave this year's Bachelor entirely empty handed.

Meanwhile, the other ladies from this season's The Bachelor could be making a splash in this year's Bachelor in Paradise.

According to Bustle, Lace has already been confirmed to be on the show after she was invited on Women Tell All by Chris Harrison. Olivia is also major possibility given her personality and confidence.

There's also the twins, who can play mind tricks on people. How much fun would that be! Then there's Leah, who has no tiff with stirring the pot or standing up for herself and others. Plenty of drama could unfold there.

But only a few will make the cut, since both women and men from all different seasons will make the trip to Paradise.

Tell us what you think. Is Caila a lock to be on Bachelor in Paradise? What about Becca? Tell us below what The Bachelor cast-offs you would like to see on Bachelor in Paradise.

[Image via ABC]