Jana Duggar Opens Up About Personal Life, Reality Star Is Waiting For ‘The One’

Jana Duggar has always been a little bit misunderstood. The outside world looks at her and they expect more from her than she does from herself. Being the eldest Duggar daughter has come with perks but also with many downfalls. Two of her younger sisters are already married with children, and that has put a lot of pressure on Jana. It isn’t so bad to see her brother marry off, but fans of the Duggars have been critical of her choice to stay single and remain at home with the family.

Fans have been wondering about Jana Duggar and dating, and last night answers were given. Duggar has been referred to as “Cinderella” for several years now. While crude assumptions have been made about her, the reasons behind her choices are admirable. According to Us Weekly, Jana Duggar is waiting for “the one” to come along. She has been approached for courting before but has not accepted anyone’s invitation. It appears that Jana is much pickier than her other siblings, and she is in no rush to get married and have children just because of her age. Duggar is comfortable at home with her siblings and learning as much as she can while she has the time to do it.


While many wouldn’t expect much from Jana Duggar, she has a lot to offer. In fact, she organized the building of a tree house for her younger siblings and organized and completed an electrical project done at Jessa and Ben’s house. The eldest Duggar daughter is going to have a lot to offer her future husband, but she is in no rush to make that happen. Fans got a look at who Jana really is last night on Jill and Jessa: Counting On. It was quite enlightening to hear her speak about her personal wants and what she expects in a future husband. After being dubbed Cinderella for so long, it is nice for Jana Duggar to be given a little bit of the spotlight to explain herself.

Being Jana Duggar comes with a lot of pressure. She has been around for most of the children’s births and has helped her mother raise them. Duggar is second in line to her mom, and many of her siblings look up to her. According to People, Jana Duggar spoke out about who she is. She stressed that she doesn’t only cook and take care of the children. That perspective is something developed from how she was edited on 19 Kids and Counting. There is so much more to this 26-year-old Duggar daughter that anyone realizes. Now that she has shown the viewers and fans who she is and expressed what she wants in a mate, perhaps she will be courted in the very near future.


While the critics of the Duggar family have been harsh about Jana Duggar, and some of the fans have been just as bad. The comments made on social media about her can be seen by her and the Duggar family. Accusations of the reason Duggar is single have been thrown around for years. Many make insensitive comments about how she is prettier than her sister Jill. While that may be true for some, it is hurtful for both girls to read.

Jana Duggar often avoids social media because of the hateful remarks. Instead, she spends her time learning new things and exploring the world with her siblings. Duggar family fans wish Jana the best of luck in finding someone she wants to court and eventually beginning a family. Jana Duggar may be a mystery to some, but she is dedicated to her family and puts them before anything else like jumping into a courtship.

[Photo via Duggar Family/Twitter]