Kim Kardashian ‘Taking Clues’ From Kylie Jenner — Is She Jealous Of Her Popularity?

Kim Kardashian is allegedly looking to little sister Kylie Jenner for some career advice.

Hollywood Life is alleging that “things have flipped for Kim and Kylie” in recent months and “the tables have turned and the student is now the teacher,” meaning that Kardashian is now looking to Kylie for inspiration when it comes to her own career.

“Kim recognizes how successful Kylie is becoming and she is taking clues from Kylie,” a Kardashian insider told Hollywood Life, adding that Kardashian is seeking motivation and inspiration from Jenner “not just in beauty but in social media too.”

“Kylie was the first to jump on Snapchat and now Kim [is] following her lead,” the source noted of how Kim has recently been following Jenner’s lead in the world of social media, adding that “Kylie loves all the attention she is gets on social media and feels like her sisters had their era in the spotlight and now it’s her time.”

According to the Kardashian insider, Kim has particularly been looking to Kylie for advice on how to create a successful beauty line after Kylie’s continually sold-out lip kits have become a global phenomenon.


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“The latest lawsuit involving Kim’s failed beauty line has her upset and concerned. So much so that she recently visited Kylie’s lip kit factory to see how she is doing things and to get some tips from the younger sister,” a Kardashian source told Hollywood Life, hinting that Kim is saddened by the more than $190 million lawsuit she, Khloe, and Kourtney were hit with earlier this week.

“Kim is considering another line of products and after getting sued for a failed beauty product, she went to Kylie to learn how to do it right,” the insider revealed.

Hollywood Life‘s claims that Kardashian is looking to redeem herself in the beauty world comes just one day after it was revealed that Kylie’s older sisters, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney, were all facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit for failing to successfully promote their beauty line, Kardashian Beauty.

TMZ reported in March 22 that the Kardashian sisters were being sued by investment company Hillair Capital Management over their failed attempts to get the word out about the makeup line, and could potentially lose almost $200 million if the lawsuit is successful.

According to the site, Hillair Capital Management is reportedly suing Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney for the $10 million the company originally invested in Kardashian Beauty, as well as the hundreds of millions that the company could have made had the Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars promoted the business on their social media pages.


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That could mean that Khloe Kardashian and her two older sisters could find themselves handing over another $180 million as a result of the lawsuit, bringing the possible total amount to $190 million.

But while Kim Kardashian is yet to speak out regarding Hollywood Life‘s claims that she’s looking to have a career more like Kylie’s, Kim did admit back in September that she feels Jenner has “dethroned” her as the most popular Kardashian sister during a live chat with the sisters posted on Kylie’s official website.

“How do you feel that you have dethroned me?” Kim asked Kylie in the livestream video last year, before she noted that she “loves” Jenner’s growing popularity because she “needs some time off.”

“I mean honey let’s be real you gotta put in a few years before you actually dethrone me. But I want to pass on the baton to you,” Kardashian continued, “Who better to pass on the knowledge to? You guys I give her all the tricks. She is so like deserving. If I want to share my clothes, my tips, my glam squad it is to King Kylie.”

What do you think of reports Kim Kardashian is looking to Kylie Jenner for career advice?

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