Delusional Joran van der Sloot Thinks He’s Negotiating With Aruba Over Holloway Death Information

Joran van der Sloot has always operated like a manipulator, but now, as he announces that he has been in contact with the governments of Aruba and the United States to figure out a way to get out of his Peruvian prison, better known as the Alcatraz of the Andes. With his 500-page book in hand, Joran van der Sloot says that he will share its contents with the United States and Aruba if they pay up and/or make him a deal.

According to the Inquisitr, Joran van der Sloot says he is willing to share the full details of his confession, and what he did to Natalee Holloway, if someone will pay up so he can take care of the “family” he had while in a prison in Peru. He met his wife, Leidy, while she was visiting her family members in prison, got married, and through conjugal visits, had a daughter. Joran van der Sloot is now 28-years-old, and will get out of the prison in Peru before he is 50-years-old, and if someone pays for van der Sloot’s confession, he will then do time in Aruba, where he claims to have killed Natalee Holloway.


Radar Online revealed the undercover journalist who taped Joran van der Sloot going on and on with his confession about how he killed Natalee Holloway. Now, they are reporting on van de Sloot’s plan to work with the governments of Aruba and the United States to get something for himself if he spills the beans about how he says he filled Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teen who went missing while on her senior trip to Aruba.

Joran van der Sloot wants to get out of the gulag, which is his current home prison in Peru, and do his time on Aruba or in the states. Joran van der Sloot believes that prison reform in Peru will allow him to get out of prison in Peru with time served (there is no reason given why a confessed murderer like van der Sloot would be allowed out of prison early, considering he will only do a total of 25 total years for murder). Joran van der Sloot only claims the conditions in the prison in Peru are awful enough that he should for some reason do less than the 25 years he was given for the murder of Stephany Flores.


Before van der Sloot’s staged confession to the undercover reporter, he had been corresponding with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. government and the same person in Aruba. Joran van der Sloot seems confident with his limited education that he can outsmart the governments of both countries and take advantage of the sadness both countries feel over the death of Natalee Holloway.

“I have no doubt that if the book gets published, they’ll extradite me to Aruba!”

The manipulative van der Sloot has a detailed list of conditions, and insist he be given what he wants before he shares any details.

“I want to be extradited first before I tell more. If I were to be in Aruba, I wouldn’t mind giving my story first to the authorities there, before releasing it as a book so they can confirm everything.”


Tight Poker has written that Joran van der Sloot is confident that his card playing skills and bluffing ability will allow him to once again pull one over on the government of Aruba, and manipulate the U.S. government and the family of Natalee Holloway.

But this sudden confession raises the question, if Joran van der Sloot has always had this information, why did he lie so many times in the past, and why should anyone believe him now? Also, is it likely that van der Sloot will finally implicate the Kalpoe brothers, who either helped him commit the murder or had knowledge of the crime, and also lied to the police in Aruba.


Joran van der Sloot is now doing 25 years in prison in Peru for the robbery and murder of Stephany Flores, to which he confessed.

Do you think that Aruba or the United States will make any deal with Joran van der Sloot to get out of prison in Peru early?

[Photo by Pedro Famous Diaz/AP Images]