‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Adam And Victor Discuss A Deal, And Sharon And Dylan Edge Closer To The Truth About Sully

Young and the Restless spoilers for Wednesday’s episode detail that many throughout Genoa City will be getting ready for Victor Newman’s trial. The family has banded together to ensure that the patriarch pays for what he has done, and both Christine and Michael are after the same goal. However, Michael is making it seem as if he is defending his client properly. Where are things headed in the March 23 show?

As SheKnows Soaps shares, there will be a lot of scrambling in Wednesday’s show as people prepare for the trial to begin. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that Michael and Phyllis will touch base, and he notes that they should be fine with Summer backing Victor, but they need the rest of the Newman family to stay united in testifying against him. Michael is worried about Adam in particular, but when Christine tracks Adam down to go over their plan, he assures her that he is anxious to see his father behind bars. In addition, Michael visits Victor, and he continues to play the game that he’s doing everything he can for his client.

Phyllis will track down Adam to chat, looking for reassurances that he’s not wavering. He again insists that he’s on her side, but when she admits that she wants both justice and to see Victor humiliated, it seems that Adam will have some second thoughts. Young and the Restless spoilers detail that soon, Adam heads off to see Victor.

Viewers will see a bit of Shawn, Nick, and Sage in Wednesday’s show too. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Sage and Nick will talk about how overprotective of Shawn and the baby she has become. Young and the Restless spoilers note that Sage will agree with Nick that she maybe needs to back off a bit, and she will actually connect with Chelsea and accept the job offer she’d made.

Shawn will find that Nick and Sage have picked out a paint color for the nursery, and she’ll take it upon herself to paint the room. Young and the Restless spoilers indicate that this doesn’t go over very well with them, and things get a bit tense. However, as the three talk, they will all work on being honest. Sage admits she needs to back off a bit, and Shawn says she’ll work on being less judgmental, adding that she thinks they’ll make great parents for the baby.


Nikki and Vikki will talk about their solidarity regarding the trial, and it seems they are both worried about how the other one will hold up. However, they both say they are determined to see Victor behind bars. Young and the Restless spoilers share that soon Nick and Noah will join them, and Christine sees them and says she’s glad to see them all together and resolute. However, once Vikki is alone again, she cries.

Adam goes to visit Victor at the jail, and a very interesting conversation ensues. Young and the Restless spoilers share that Adam will talk about not wanting to see his father humiliated during the trial. While Victor is confident he will do just fine, he does have a deal to offer his son: take over Newman Enterprises and he will plead guilty and avoid a trial. Adam has been excitedly setting up an office for his new job out of town, swearing to Chelsea he’s done with Newman Enterprises. However, it looks like his father will manage to draw him back in again.

Viewers will also see some interesting developments regarding Sharon and Dylan. She has another nightmare, and Young and Restless spoilers detail that in this one, she is being handed Sully wrapped in a blanket, but there is no baby there when she looks in the bundle. Dylan tries to reassure her that everything is fine, but she mentions some other details about the dream. He worries that he’s causing this anxiety she’s experiencing, but she says that’s not the case.


Later, Paul, and Dylan talk, and Young and Restless spoilers tease that Dylan will bring up Patty. He feels as if there is a connection between Patty, Sharon, and the baby, but Paul brushes off his concerns. Later, Sharon arrives, and there is some talk about Dr. Anderson, Patty, and the baby. Sharon mentions her concern that the dreams mean Sully isn’t real, but Dylan reassures her there’s no reason to worry. Is the show finally going to head toward the big reveal that Sully is really Christian? Patty is going to be popping up again for a couple of episodes soon, and viewers are dying to see this all exposed at last.

As the week continues, viewers will see Victor’s trial begin. People will take the stand, but will things come to a halt when Adam decides to accept his father’s deal? Fans cannot wait to see how things progress as the drama continues this week on The Young and the Restless.


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