Demi Lovato Tells Fans To ‘Take Your Negativity Elsewhere’ After She Fails To Stop & Greet Them

Demi Lovato is hitting back at fans who slammed her on social media for failing to stop and take pictures with them.

Lovato took to Twitter to defend herself after a number of fans called her out for not stopping to greet them on March 22, where Demi admitted that stopping for the hordes of fans that often wait for her outside venues can be too “overwhelming” for her.

“No matter how long I’ve been doing this, sometimes the madness with the yelling and pushing becomes overwhelming,” Demi told her more than 35 million Twitter followers earlier this week, explaining that she sometimes opts to head straight inside without stopping “to avoid people either getting hurt or having more anxiety.”

“I go inside hoping my fans will understand,” Lovato added in the message, where she noted that she’d recently received a slew of abuse from upset fans who were disappointed that she didn’t stop to greet them.

“Today I had two instances where I had rude things yelled at me because I didn’t stop for every single person. When stuff like that happens it actually really sucks,” Demi Lovato told her fans, “It’s not okay and just remember, I’m used to getting hate but I’m human too. So please … Take your negativity elsewhere.”

But while it appeared that Lovato may have been taking aim at some of her most dedicated followers with her social media blast, it turns out there’s certainly no bad blood between Demi and her Lovatics.

“Wow!!!! JUST now seeing the TT: DEMI WE LOVE YOU”… See?!! My fans are the BEST in the WORLD!!” Demi tweeted after seeing that her fans trended “Demi We Love You” on Twitter later that day, adding, “I LOVE MY LOVATICS SO MUCH!!!”

Lovato previously revealed that she suffers with severe anxiety last year in a candid interview about mental health with the Huffington Post, where Demi opened up about her issues and offered up a little advice to those suffering with similar problems.

“I can’t stress enough to vocalize your needs to a great support system — whether it’s your family or even an online community of people who are going through the same thing that you are,” Lovato told those suffering with similar issues.

“It’s so important to vocalize what you’re dealing with instead of internalizing it and letting it manifest into unhealthy behavior… That’s the most important thing you can do,” Demi continued.

Demi also got seriously candid about her own experiences with anxiety in the June, 2015, interview, admitting that her battle with the disorder has previously gotten so bad that she once “felt drugged.”

“I actually ended up having problems with my thyroid because I was so stressed out and so anxious at times in my life,” Lovato confessed to the Huffington Post last year, recalling a particularly serious anxiety attack that saw her head to the emergency room.

“I remember one time I actually went to the hospital because I physically felt like I had been drugged; I was having an anxiety attack,” Demi Lovato said.

“Sometimes I’ll get very shaky and very scattered,” Demi added of how anxiety affects her in the interview, noting that when she feels another anxiety attack coming she opts to “take a couple of deep breaths” to calm down.

“On a day-to-day basis if I get anxiety, I just need to take a couple deep breaths because sometimes I feel like I can’t catch my breath,” Lovato revealed, “You know restless leg syndrome? It’s like restless body syndrome.”

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[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images]