Larry King Asks Marcia Clark: ‘Did You Have Sex With Chris Darden?’ [Videos]

Marcia Clark has returned to the hearts and minds of the American viewing public, ever since being thrust into the spotlight as the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson murder case. As seen in the above photo from September 8, 1995, Marcia gives an intense look to her co-prosecutor, Christopher Darden.

Now that the FX series, called The People v. O.J. Simpson, has let viewers into their rendition of the “trial of the century,” along with all the ups and downs that courtroom arguments and defense exhibits brought to TV during the O.J. Simpson double-murder case in Los Angeles, people want to know more about Marcia.

Clark interviewed with Larry King recently to give her views on The People v. O.J. Simpson, including what actually happened and what didn’t. Clark also talks about Sarah Paulson’s spot-on take on Marcia’s persona. Kato Kaelin also talks about his view of the sensational FX show.

In the first clip, titled Marcia Clark Recalls Trial’s “Unending Torture”, Marcia spoke about not wanting to relive the “unending torture” of the trial via The People v. O.J. Simpson miniseries — because Marcia didn’t want to once again see the fact that two people who were murdered by a cold-blooded killer get buried in social issues like racism.

The next clip, titled “Marcia Clark: I love Sarah Paulson, But…” features Clark’s view on her acting alter ego. Marcia said she was a total “fan girl” of Sarah’s brilliant acting, and because Paulson portrays Marcia so well — with such nuanced acting — Clark said it was difficult to see her emotions revealed in The People v. O.J. Simpson. However, that didn’t stop Marcia from meeting Sarah for dinner and drinking tequila with her and shutting the place down.

Clark said The People v. O.J. Simpson is so accurate it hurts in the next clip. That’s because Clark said that Ryan Murphy’s miniseries touched on the sexism levied against Clark by the media and others — an aspect that Clark says she didn’t think anyone would ever completely capture. Marcia revealed that the new miniseries also captured the despair of Fred Goldman.

In the clip where Marcia talked about the O.J. verdict, and the gloves mistake, Clark admitted that there was always the possibility of hearing “not guilty” due to the way racism charges had been introduced in trials in Los Angeles previously. Clark said that once she saw the accusations of police planting evidence were being taken seriously, she knew that it was possible for a “not guilty” verdict to be returned.

Marcia also said that she didn’t see Robert Shapiro try on the gloves like in the TV series, but she did see Johnny Cochran try them on — and Clark revealed the gloves were too big for his hands. However, with the gloves having been frozen and unfrozen and soaked in blood and with O.J. having to wear latex gloves beneath the gloves as he tried them on in court made for a “doomed experiment.” Coupled with the fact that O.J. didn’t want the gloves to fit, plus the fact that Simpson was an actor, all those factors show why Marcia never wanted the experiment that Darden wanted in court.

The rumors of romance between Clark and Darden were tackled head on when Larry asked Marcia if she had sex with Chris. Marcia said she wouldn’t comment on whether they had sex or not. King says that means they did have sex, because if Marcia didn’t have sex with Chris, she would say so. But Clark said that wasn’t necessarily true, because folks would still say they saw “this or that.” About the infamous scene whereby Chris appears to turn Marcia down for sex in Oakland when the duo traveled to Northern California to blow off steam, Clark said she hadn’t seen that scene yet.

Lastly, the fact that O.J. is imprisoned for robbery and kidnapping and not murder is a troublesome fact that needs to be corrected, notes Clark.

Marcia can be seen chatting with Larry on premieres Friday, March 25, at 11 a.m. PST/ 2 p.m. EST on Ora TV.

[Photo by AP Photo/Eric Draper, Pool, File]