Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton ‘Infatuated,’ Taking Love To Next Level With Wedding, Baby, & Engagement?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton no longer feel the need to keep their romance under wraps (or behind those big red coach chairs on The Voice). After going from friendly pals and flirty fun to passionate PDA last season on the reality TV singing competition, the current season of The Voice finds Gwen in the role of mentor to Team Blake. And viewers don’t have to look far for signs that Shelton and Stefani are heating up their hookup, pointed out Us Weekly.

“The great Gwen Stefani,” proclaimed Blake proudly in introducing his girlfriend to some of his team, slyly adding, “Also, she’s hot.”

As for what Shelton and Stefani are doing when they’re not filming, it’s time for bonding with her three sons. Gwen recently turned to social media to reveal a hike that she, Blake, and her youngest son, Apollo, took together. All three boys (Apollo is 2, while the oldest, Kingston, is 9, and Zuma is 7) have enjoyed spending time with the fun-loving country superstar.

Stefani shared how music has saved her and admitted that Shelton has taken on the role of knight in shining armor in rescuing her after she hit rock bottom during her split from her former husband Gavin Rossdale.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hold hands on the red carpet.
Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton hold hands on the red carpet. [Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

“During that time period, I felt like, I was down all the way. Like you don’t go down lower than that. It was rock bottom,” Gwen recalled.

Stefani, 46, and Shelton, 39, have been dating since November 2015.

As for when they’ll go from dating status to engaged and planning a wedding? Hollywood Life cites a source claiming that the couple already is thinking about wedding bells.

Gwen and Blake supposedly are planning a country-themed ceremony in Oklahoma, which is Shelton’s home state. And the source revealed that although the estimated price could range as high as $2 million, Shelton feels strongly that a country casual wedding is perfect. As a result, Stefani is on board with Blake’s dream ceremony and is even adding her own fun, according to that source.

“Gwen wants a corn maze and carnival rides, plus okra, smoked meats and barbecue. The dress code will be ‘Southern dressy-casual,’ like plaids, flip-flops and nice jeans.”

In addition to the wedding report, rumors have swirled that Stefani and Shelton are already engaged, with some tabloids claiming that Gwen is pregnant, noted Hollywood Take.

However, Blake turned to social media to dispute all those reports.

Blake Shelton seeks to clarify his relationship with Gwen Stefani.
Blake Shelton seeks to clarify his relationship with Gwen Stefani. [Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images for NARAS]

“I’ve read more complete bullcrap about my personal life, my next album and my job on the voice this week than ever before,” proclaimed Blake. “EVER Before! If my life was half as chaotic as they say it is I’d be dead… My god I wish they’d move on to someone else!!! It’s so old at this point.”

But what definitely isn’t “old” is just how much fun the couple has flirting on The Voice, pointed out Hollywood Life.

Gwen and Blake have developed a rapport that combines romance with an upbeat sense of the ridiculous, and the result is fun for both the lovebirds and viewers.

“You kind of have that I Dream Of Jeanie hair going,” praised Shelton at one point.

“Thank you, I guess I was going for that,” teased Stefani in return. “You kind of have that super babe thing going right now.”

As for those reports about the wedding and pregnancy, Gossip Cop reported recently that there is no baby bump blossoming, and the stories that Shelton is thrilled to become a father are fictional. Moreover, a representative for Gwen emphasized that the allegations that Stefani is pregnant with twins, with Blake as the baby daddy, are “untrue.”

However, both Gwen and Blake aren’t afraid to show their passion for each other, a source told Us Weekly.

At a recent party, Shelton and Stefani paraded their PDA proudly, revealed the source.

“They made out. They were dancing together and kissing against a wall. They’re completely infatuated.”

[Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]