BBC Presenter Eats His Own Leg In Attention Seeking Act Of Cannibalism

A BBC presenter, who was no doubt starved of attention and hungry for viewers, decided to eat his own leg in a bizarre bid to get noticed and described the aroma of his own flesh cooking as “similar to beef and ale stew.”

As strange as carving up your own flesh and eating it sounds, for a BBC presenter under pressure to garner views, it’s probably just another day at the office.

In an austere age of perpetual recession, the BBC is still funded by a cash-strapped British public, but this dying dinosaur certainly no longer complies with its original charter to educate, inform, and entertain. The BBC is a pompous and out-of-touch bloated organization, riddled from top to bottom with greed, elitism, and the very worst traits of institutionalized corruption and cultural fascism.

The BBC also offers a platform for its enthusiastic presenters to indulge in all sorts of nauseating and narcissistic acts, such as eating your own leg for example. Now that’s value for money.


The Express reports that BBC science presenter Greg Foot was so fiercely keen to push the frontiers of scientific experimentation that he went all out in his latest video by indulging in a display of gratuitous cannibalism.

In other words, the plucky presenter ate his own leg to find out what cooked human flesh actually tastes like and to pump up viewing figures.

Posting the experiment on his YouTube page, BritLab, Greg the cannibal can be seen lying like a lamb to the slaughter on a stretcher, as a doctor uses a horrifically large needle to take flesh from the BBC presenter’s upper right thigh.

The needle digs deep, and the obliging cannibal screams in agony as it’s plucked out before he groans like a pig being hit with a big stick, “Urgh, I felt that.”

The flesh from Greg’s leg is then placed in a test tube and cooked. The adventurous presenter then sniffs a juicy burger compiled of other unidentified meats and explains triumphantly, “The truth is, it’s illegal to eat human flesh, even your own — but there is still a way to nail the taste.”


He then tucks into his leg meat with relish and declares it’s the closest he thinks he’ll get to eating human flesh.

“So this is it, my cooked leg meat.. actually it smells quite nice, it’s really meaty though. It’s similar to beef and ale stew.

“It’s good, a bit beefy, a bit lamby. I think that is the closest I’m ever going to get eating human and it’s pretty good.”

Viewers of the cannibal’s clip were less than impressed.

One sickened viewer snarled, “I felt sick the whole time watching this. I still feel really nauseous…”

Another barked, “Debating wether [sic] I should throw up or not.”

Others declared that Greg was only eating his own leg for the good of science and the advancement of mankind.

“That’s disgusting and sick but thanks for doing it for science! good music too.”

Tellingly, some viewers were disappointed that the BBC presenter only ate a little of his own leg and not all of it.

“Genuinely disappointed that he didn’t eat his own leg…”

Since footage of the bizarre experiment came to light, rumors have abounded that many celebrities down on their luck have been contacted by broadcasting houses to see if they’d be interested in a sponsored event for charity, whereby they eat their own toes and, in some cases, their entire foot live on TV.

We’ll keep you posted.

[Image via YouTube]