‘Subway’ Jared Fogle Prison Irony, His Job Was Serving Cafeteria Sandwiches

In “isn’t it ironic” news, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle has gotten beaten up in prison partially for being a child molester, but also for getting a cushy prison job making sandwiches. Since everything old is fresh, or new again, Fogle is on sub duty. Perhaps the prison thought they’d put Jared Fogle in a familiar position, as he has made and eaten a sandwich or two in a previous life for a living, pushing an #eatfresh diet with Subway sandwiches.

But if part of the Jared Fogle drama was caused by preferential prison treatment (in addition to being a child molester) he’s in trouble because Fogle got a promotion after his latest beatdown, and though he is still a cafeteria worker, working in food service, he has now moved on to serving food in the officer’s cafeteria, where he has moved up the food chain, and is serving steaks. But considering that Fogle has had a binge-eating problem, access to more food might not be the best thing for Fogle.

According to The Inquisitr, former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle got beaten badly by Steven Nigg, a prisoner who really can’t stand child molesters. He was bloodied, and Nigg said he would do it again. Nigg’s only injury was a bruised hand from hitting Fogle repeatedly in the face.

TMZ is reporting that Jared Fogle has gotten a prison promotion and has gone from plying his former Subway trade of making sandwiches for inmates to serving food that must seem like heaven to a prisoner – steaks – to officers. It seems that the former Subway spokesman is considered a “high-profile” or celebrity prisoner, and so right from the start, he was given a prison job, making sandwiches, a throwback to his Subway days, which is a position that prisoners usually have to work up to.

When Jared Fogle was put into the position of making sandwiches in the cafeteria, prison officials were secretly giggling at the irony of the Subway spokesman now making sandwiches for prisoners instead of making millions pushing a sandwich diet via Subway to the public.

But if the other inmates were ticked off that Fogle had a cushy job to start, they are really unhappy that Fogle now has access to higher end food they can just dream about. Jared serves steaks and works in the officer’s cafeteria, which obviously is an all-around better environment than making and serving sandwiches to other prisoners. Fogle’s new cafeteria position usually takes a prisoner years of very good behavior in the federal prison system to attain.

According to 411Mania, prisoners are not happy with the preferential treatment that Jared Fogle is getting, even though he is a child molester. Before Jared Fogle arrived at the prison in Colorado, just after he was convicted of child pornography charges and child molestation, prisoners were lectured on how they were supposed to treat Fogle, and they were informed that he was “untouchable.” To prisoners, that sounded like a challenge, and it gave them an additional reason to resent Fogle.

Prisoners were also told that, if they put hands on Fogle, they would be dealt with harshly. All of the prisoners are behind bars because they committed a crime, so preferential treatment is not something that any of them believe is deserved.

Steven Nigg, who beat up Jared Fogle, had Fogle in his sights allegedly from day one because he was a child molester, but he also targeted Fogle because of the perceived bounty on Fogle… due to him being considered “untouchable.”

Do you think it is fair that former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is getting special treatment?

[Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images]